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And an update on traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham in over on the west side of town in the loop las area the bony carrey spill ways looking good but once you touchdown in kenner we're seeing inbound delays between williams and power as you make your way into downtown outbound delays on the i ten they began just after causeway right around clearview and they don't open up until after power in from the east twin span and high rise are still looking good still have secondary delays at claiborne approaching the claiborne fly over and then on the river bound expressway those delays you're not too bad just at the arena coming into downtown or continuing to the west bank on the west bank side of the connection we're seeing solid delays at terry parkway and the lake bound expressway is crawling through downtown those downtown exits are stacking up back onto the lake bound expressway the canal street ferry is running today so that's a good option if you coming over from the west bank you can't drive through the quarter traffic on north rampart canal is very heavy park away from the quarter in mid city are uptown that's what's recommended and catch the rt buses or streetcar into the festival downtown accident elision fields at saint claude carrollton at oleander and louisiana at saint charles got a traffic tip called wwl five oh four to six oh info scoot on wwl call five zero four to six one eight seventy text eight seventy eight seventy or join wwl radio on facebook can we find humor in the news today is any of this stuff funny it's so it is so intense it is so mind blowing everything that is going on.

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