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Central the WGN forecast. Here's meteorologist Tom skilling. It was the twenty fifth consecutive day above normal today and another fifty degree plus day is on the way. Tomorrow Justice was the case today, they'll be a downturn and temperatures thanks to a wind shift up the lake on Sunday. That'll make it a little cool at Soldier Field for the big bears playoff game. But still above normal for this time of the year and rain could come in with a fifty degree temperature on Monday tonight. Mainly clear mild for the season, low thirty two Saturday, mostly sunny, unseasonably mild and breezy, high fifty two Saturday night, partly cloudy, low thirty two and Sunday, clouds over turning breezy and cooler high forty two but mid to upper thirties on the lake shore, Monday, rainy and milder again up to fifty two and Tuesday, partly sunny and windy colder, but still above January norms high of forty three Tuesday Wednesday, extensive cloudiness colder, passing flurries and a high of just thirty one on Wednesday. I'm Tom skilling and the WGN weather center right now here forty seven midway forty-eight, Naperville, forty four the winds blowing from the west is six miles an hour the barometer steady along the lakefront forty eight. I'm Kim Gordon in the w. Newsroom ready to join the conversation live whenever a story changes Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Thank you. Brian Yorkey for ruining they'll be back with you on Monday twice this hour. I'm going to give you a chance to win a family four-pack to the lake home and cabin show. January eleventh to the thirteenth the Schaumburg convention center, lake.

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