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All right. Welcome back. Everybody Nick Gilio here on seven twenty WGN, and we are live in the AllState skyline studios Tuesday morning. We're here until five AM. And we're talking about words that are one hundred years old. This year two thousand nineteen and how some of them are hard to believe that they're that old. And we were talking about dunker. Wishes a this early sports term straightforward enough. It refers to a basketball player who makes dunk shots sport itself was invented twenty eight years earlier at Springfield college in Massachusetts. And I was saying that I find it hard to believe that dunker could be one hundred years old, and I just can't picture guys. Playing basketball in nineteen nineteen Dunkin. But when we were thinking, maybe it sounds maybe it's a little bit different. You know, what we think of in terms of dunking today is a little bit different than what it was back a hundred years ago. And we got some people who are calling in. Here is Glenn WGN Glenn. Hey, come. I forgot what you and then Dan happy new year to you. Thank you. Hero. I happen to solve program tonight. It has to do it. People things left in Noel basketball and the doors docking allowed, but it was not outlawed. It was banned once Llewellyn centres while cream started playing basketball and for a while. There was not allowed in basketball, the dunk shot. What they did bring it back. Ten years later dried solid. It's kind of interesting. So. Existed. Did they did they talk about how far back actual dunking existed in the sport? Because I just can't imagine it being a popular thing in nineteen nineteen. I don't know why it was far as it was original things, you could do it basketball. And it was actually the before you couldn't even dribble when you had to pass a shot you had to stop. And and and then pass the ball. You couldn't dribble off it, which seems nowadays. Yeah. It does seem weird. Yeah. I as far as sleep roles. You know, I always always considered sweets roles just as generic terms for all sweet rolls, and like a Danish would be something like something that's more flattened cells with no center, personal eight. But that's just me. Yeah. I think I think sweet rolls is kind of generic terminate includes Danish and anything that sort of resembles a Danish if it has like fruit in it or or maybe a frosting on top of a Glen, thanks for the call three one nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. Here's Bill on WGN. Hi, bill. Are you? I wanted to tell you about a few years ago. When Gus Johnson played for Washington, he came to Milwaukee and my run Jeff was up in the in the grandstands and. Sudden these guys were like holding them underneath. And then they did it breaks down in east slam the ball so hard to get the basket, Jewish shattered. And my friends have that they were selling beer to him. He was underage. They were you know, they didn't know what to do after a while. I didn't really believe him. But that's what he said. And then as as bay street is goal. I'm i'm. Square guy. And I just wanted to say. All right. Thank you Bill. Take care got. So they got a kid under each kid drunk. And he shattered a backboard. Canadian Bill says beaver tail are also sold at the carnivals. There's sometimes called elephant ears. That's what they're called here. Right elephants. They're not beaver tails like if you go to like a fair or something it's elephant. Here's. Three. Oh, one area code says. I do recall the term compu- complimentary close from back in the sixties when I was a parochial school in Pennsylvania. I like that term. Three oh, nine area codes is what about will dunking in the fifties. And sixties. The right Bob Madera, Nick and eight one six area code. I'll say Darryl Dawkins was famous for shattered bag, right Darryl, Dawkins, mustered out a lot of backboards. Shattered a lot of them. I was surprised maybe like, well, maybe the was lower. Maybe that's why back in one thousand nine hundred ninety dunk. But according to this Naismith had ten feet from the beginning. So it wasn't a situation where they rim used to be like seven feet and somebody could do it. And then according to the Wikipedia article on slam dunks. The earliest known attributed dunks were by Bob Kurland in the nineteen forties and fifties he was a seven feet tall. And. Was the first person to do it. Very go games. Right. Yeah. But it was one of those deals where it was just. Like the exceptionally tall. Guys would do it. Right. I mean, you guys are over. We'll we'll Chamberlain was like what is what is Wilt Chamberlain exists. Seven feet tall. So I think in the early days in the early days, if you're seven feet tall, you could you could actually dunk without jumping very high. But then in the days when like guys who were like six three or whatever we're jumping Jordan was he like six four. Six six six six. Okay. I mean, that's pretty tough. But still that's a lot of height and he would get well his name is Air, Jordan. So yes, I mean. Yeah. But everything, you know, it's you know, it is interesting. How all sports have changed tonight. Obviously, Dan, you know, I'm showing the movie slapshot and that movie when you watch that movie. It's like, wait a minute. These guys aren't wearing helmets. There's barely any pads. The goal is just got like a face mask on and like very very little padding on his body. And the sticks are wooden and guys are really slamming each other into the boards and stuff like that. And and how things have changed and the rules of changed over the years and the style, and what you play any kind of sport and basketball's another one that is completely evolved over the years. There was an interesting kind of back and forth about a month and a half ago, two months ago. There was a free agent pitcher who is on some podcast and Babe Ruth came up. And he said, you know, Babe Ruth wouldn't be able to to do anything today. It was probably relations show on Otani. And and all that he's just like, you know, Babe Ruth couldn't hit by knuckleball. He couldn't even do it. And like brought up a big back and forth between historians are not because they say the one game that kind of have stayed true is baseball like a guy who played baseball in the nineteen hundreds in theory could play baseball today and still have some level success. And a lot of people said he would need a little bit of time. But he probably could still hit a ball very far, even if it was traveling twenty to thirty miles faster than it was when he was playing would say that again to your point a hockey player. Today couldn't versus hockey player back then or basketball player back then versus the best ball player now. And. Also in terms of in terms of Babe Ruth, and what he would he be a good pitcher where he be considered a good pitcher now. Which I've always found fascinating because Babe Ruth, obviously. Historically, one of the greatest baseball players that's ever played the game, and he played a bunch of different positions. And you know, no, not only for just all the home runs. But he was a pitcher as well. Like, you don't see that anymore. Like you. Don't see pictures. Don't do that. That's not what you know. That's why there's a designated hitter. So which I hate by the way, I'm I'm one of those people that hate the designated hitter hate it. All right. Let's get back to some of these terms. Here's one and another one that I can't believe is is one hundred years old fan. Boy. This term for a boy or man who is extremely or overly enthusiastic fan of something. Or someone predates our internet fueled obsession with celebrities. The female equivalent fan. Girl didn't roll around until nineteen thirty. I can't believe that fan. Boy is one hundred years old. I mean, I would have thought I would've thought the term was like twenty years old. Right with the with the internet and everything, but. Wow. Hundred years old. How about this golden retriever? These very good. Golden boys were first bred and Scotland in eighteen sixty five a breeder made it a yellow retriever with a tweed water spaniel and their offspring became a new breed of dog that would later be called the golden retriever. That's where the the golden retriever came from. That's a hundred years old. Here's one hundred years old, jigsaw puzzle. According to the online. Etymology dictionary. The pieces of jigsaw puzzle were cut with vertical reciprocating saw called a jigsaw in the early nineteen hundreds hence, the name, jigsaw puzzle. Before that they were known as dissect it, maps or dissecting pictures. So it's actually named after the the the saw I didn't know that. So that that's where the jigsaw puzzle s really interesting. Dissect it maps that sounds like fun. Hey, honey. You wanna do you wanna you wanna put together? A dissect it map. Man. Oh, man. How about this one out gas? No, this doesn't refer to a farting contest. But rather the removal of gases from a material or space usually by heating. Out gas. Okay. Fully. What internalization this interjection used to express disgust has probably been in use before your grandpa was born. Some other funds synonyms include fall few year in rats. He's a good one. All right. How about this puts putsch? We can thank the Swiss German-language for this word also known as a coup d'etat refers to a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government. Right. Few more of these words if you want to jump in three two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. We'll come back in and get to your texts and calls at three one ninety one seven hundred and much more after this. I.

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