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Guys is still on hold Sir body hang in there but the moon beam now are you still on talking terms for your good buddy the American Eagle there you go yeah I was wondering when you can have those big star on that you were talking about what do they know something see that's your friendly American Eagle he's the big star you know he's number one around here well I wish you origin nature my jurors I'm looking for one right now and that Star Wars you also told people a week out of pine or juror no the events and have the nurse take your blood pressure like victims he gets my blood pressure go on yes a lot of people's blood pressure gone and stuff that's why he's so popular around here could see he drives the people on the other side of the equation drive them badly yeah not I don't drink it grew later amber minister your follow your guns being taken away yeah that's what they will do I don't know I'm a grad stick at group flying around the track when you got no guns to protect yourself it's already happened in those cities and everything tops can protect themselves no payments drivers a little spider man yeah they're just eager they're just target practice well that's right yeah no you you refresh my worry memory because they did just have some hoodlums tried to in the cut the head copper over their New York City said they tried to assassinate on the stuff in a likely they survived but yet so criminals have been in bold because these Democrats blade like go who was that was the eagle or my big docu rob they called a Packer rats they all stick together they're all against law enforcement they don't support our military they don't support ice they want the criminals run in Footloose and fancy free because they want more from sneaking into the country when they sneak into the country they bring your sex trade business may bring all those drugs and it's been all over the place yeah a lot of people won't see it on the fake news media because they won't reported but there's been all these overdose is going off the charts the even though the key Boston in out grabbing more dope off the street but then the criminals get cut loose just like trump highlighted the thing I seen a mad the lady over there in the White House talking about it however a ninety two year old grandma from New York god assaulted raped and murdered by one of these illegal criminals of the Democrats cut loose I don't know whether is the Bosnia or is crooked tourney bodies prosecutors or whatever they refused to lock up these criminals on the street but you know it's not just give me check cargo plane we were yeah near me it could be anywhere and then you got your vehicles because in there USA there yelled saying now bands United States treat him so bad that slaves Hey now what now wait a second you're talking about that crackpot Colin Kaepernick that mereka dangled operating grow yeah per day yeah he don't have not to do with American Eagle their their arch enemies you the minister and noon mereka colder they're just waiting for their turn the when we lose our drone on and on yeah give me five percent or more I had to get today I can tell you right now the eagles ears are burning when you hear him I'll get the same in the same company with those two now go ahead now I don't know where the juror or what all that money Megan has all originate finals all nervous to play with me hello okay moonbeam I got let you go head gets there are here where were the rates and is the oldest in the US are all right and yeah I don't know if it's the it's not the oldest sport we know that because automobile they've been around that long I would say baseball's probably older and I can't remember when they put up the first two to start who put it on up but baseball might be the for the older original sport but you know I I don't know this is my my expert when it comes to the the sports in who got started first and who got started second but bringing a baseball and stuff we had a big show last night with retro radio in everybody really enjoyed I got all kinds of great feedback on social media someone thank you bye Hey listen I let you go if I want to you know work date real quick that lets you go I know I can hear your dates basketball what what a job down do all that we go we don't do some already there now make call them a real athlete yeah libel right on the ball yeah I I Hey that's still boating stuff don't fly with those bowls because they're the real deal same thing with the American people on one all you got okay there you go I got to send them back and that's the moonbeam he's gonna go get some more medication hit the Jim beam or the Jack or whatever so thanks for the call and we had take long for a break a TN.

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