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A former publicist and he was his house manager. Okay. I right now Wendy Williams has sold their house in new. Jersey for one point four million dollars congratulations to her according to sources. Cheap like she says, often moves away with her life. Had It on the market for two million. I guess he just wanted to get out. She was like look I'm tired of this is the last thing that connects me with my excellent. The meats could get just get this over with. So yeah fifty seven, hundred, square feet five bedroom mansion one, point four, seven, five, million dollars. That is a steel. Forgotten that came up. Wow. I right and since we're talking about real estate and New Jersey, let's talk about Snoop Dogg. Now, he actually is planning to do some investing and he called him. He called the Mayor Marty small senior don't day in Atlantic City the breakfast club yes we like new. Too but I'll let you finish in our clarita. You said is a lie? Yes right. Well, SNOOP DOGG caused Marty small on facetime and here's what happened. Coming to the city we look at at trying to invent the some real estate. Do some big things out there which you and just wanted to get acquainted what you let. You know here from face to face what would you like to see him do well with the City of Atlantic? City lacks obviously is family fun entertainment. We look forward to dog. Any other person that wants to do business in Atlantic, city of Inglewood, right and we have a black mayor on here as well like for you to be him. So we can start a coalition you brother start to know each other start working with each other tasks China due to drop. You're. Sitting you. because. What he meant the. Business. So we have stay is we live in New Jersey we flipping everywhere snoop dogg flipping game that's flipping Nj envy's partner I thought he lost weight it sound like he had a breath me. Now he did lose lost I lost one hundred plants. This ally because snoop devastating wouldn't to invest in real estate snoops holding was marijuana he wants to invest in some type of marijuana in new. Jersey. Weather is a dispensary or something like that and people just with the story says it wants to buy. Never said he just said he was thinking. We're looking to China invest in some real estate and do some big things out there with you. Not, talking real estate was talking dispensaries I think. That's probably why people think that because he said it somebody some somebody definitely said something about flipping houses flipping New Jersey maybe that will season. Yes he definitely said it verbatim. We're looking to invest in some real estate. Still looking to a lot of things New Jersey and I don't think real estate is wonderful but we gonNA help got shelter snooping shot to a son as well. I right. And, that is your room. A report G Envy Angela Ye Shall Amiga we oughta breakfast club was getting some front page news. Where we start. Candy corn you know Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and now they have a new Turkey dinner candy corn. So according to that packaging, there's six different Thanksgiving flavors, of Candy Corn Green Beans. Roasted Turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrots, sweet potato pie, and stuffing who eats candy corn. and. Clarence cycles. Sti All of it would only other candies in the world you would choose candy corn. Candy corn I'd rather eat me a real corn on the cob in the peace of God damn. Candy. Corn Candy Corn Yuck psychopaths. Anybody. Try The green beans candy corn it's available. They have green beans. Well, first of all, that's an. How can you be green beans and gone ain't that's two different vegetables. It's a green bean flavored candy corn. There's no such thing. Somebody came you and say his his calling it tastes like really beat. Did you just say given the Goddamn green beans that actually sounds delicious hybrid. All right. Now let's talk about Attorney General Daniel Cameron he has met with the Family Brianna Taylor and. You know I guess hopefully there will be at some point some justice served for Briana Taylor. So Show what's happening the Attorney General Ask for the meeting allegedly and that with the family yesterday Robin includes Bonfire Fund freedom until freedom went down there. And they posted up living there for the next thirty days and then excretes making noise everyday. Cameron had to do something so. And so is still ongoing his office will determine whether the officers involved will face charges in her death. So they said the office was waiting on ballistic evidence from the FBI crime lab and they still no time line but keep that pressure on a really want everybody to continue to think about that. Let's think about how we can't even get the people who kill us by your. We're just trying to fired think of that. Of course he wanted to arrest but aren't they still on the first? One not. Only yeah. Only one person got fired. Thus far are now let's talk about commonly Harris and Joe. Biden appeared together on the same ticket for the first time in Delaware and Kamala Harris talks about the goals of their new administration prayers create millions of jobs and fight climate change through a clean energy revolution bring back critical supply chains. So the future is made in America build on the affordable care act. So everyone. Has the peace of mind that comes with health insurance and finally offer caregivers the dignity, the respect, and the pay they deserve. We'll protect a woman's right to make our own decisions about her own body root out systemic racism in our justice system and pass a new voting rights act a John, Lewis Voting Rights Act that will ensure every voice is heard and every voice is counted. and. When it comes to voting just WANNA remember minds automate sure you are registered to vote Levi's is teaming up rock the vote they're trying to make sure they helped get as many people as possible, registered and ready to vote. So Levi's two, seven, eight, eight, six, eight, three you can get registered there and find out all those key. So you don't Miss Anything and get all your voting how to's from RAC votes. All right. Well, thank you, missy. Let's open up these phone lines eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one, zero, five, one. What are your thoughts or Comma Harris? Staff will ask now we haven't. We haven't talked about it since she got announced VPN I mean, we've talked about it month each other we haven't talked about it with our amazing listening audience though. I've I've I've been seeing all types of things on social media. Let's have this discussion this morning. Is My type of my type of my type of situation because I love things that are polarizing you know what I mean I. Love Things that people really love and I love things that people really hate because to me the truth always lies within the middle of that. You know my father always says you never as good as they say, you're never as bad as they say you are always somewhere in the middle. So as long as the person makes you feel something I'm intrigued and she makes you feel something less open up these four lines eight, hundred, five, eight, five, one, five, one. Let's have this conversation this morning breakfast global morning. From Your playing into the breakfast club top. Eight hundred five eight, five, one, five, one, the breakfast club. At Iheartradio, we bring you the best podcasts from the biggest names Ron Burgundy check, Chelsea Handler Yup quest love him too. And the one thing they have in common they all started with an idea and now we want yours. We're looking to you for the next great podcast. Do you have an idea for a podcast? Let's hear him any genre. 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