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Rain at twenty percent in a high of seventy seven but sunday's a cold front moves into the area that's going to set off a sixty percent chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms and a few those storms could be on the strong side with high temperatures in the mid seventy s from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nussbaum thank you dave at the airport in kenner sunshine sixty two it's also sunny on the north shore where it's sixty five in slidell and hamid sixty three i'm jim hanso wwl first news with the look wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham amon if you coming in from the east from the slidell side of the lake no delays at the twin span or at the high rise we're seeing some secondary delays though at the bottom of the high rise after an earlier accident that had the i six ten closed momentarily while they cleaned it up so we're seeing a little bunching right there around the six ten split and then again right around clayborn approaching the exit to clayborn and the river bound expressway river bound expressway in lake bound expressway moving well through the cbd at the crescent city connection traffic's moving at speed in both directions and right now no problems coming from the west bank to the east bank inbound from the west from the lacrosse area the spillway moving well in both directions and there's no problem on the i ten coming into the city but westbound on the i ten leaving downtown and heading toward mastery and kenner we're seeing delays back to metairie road and after you move after you passed the i six ten merge it opens up a bit we must have had some slow moving traffic or either a momentary break down.

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