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One on a a rooster lays egg on top of a roof. Which way okay all right. There's no rooster lean eggs. That's right where you sort of sense hold on. Hey john five. Three lindsey three momo to go through four more. This is something we've enjoyed. What has no beginning no end and nothing in the middle beginning and nothing in the middle. Something we've all enjoyed does anybody that. No clue shut john jonet. Yes what word become shorter when you add letter to it. What word becomes shorter when you add. Let us to it. What were become shorter when you had let us to it. What word okay. This goodland shor short. Yeah that's what. I was gonna guess all right. Two more lindsey. You need them both to catch me all right spell fords. I am what you do every day but spelled backwards. I am something you hate forwards. I'm something you do every day but spelled backwards. I am something you hate. What do you do every day as you guys. Sit here. what are you doing. You are doing the lizzy live. Yes if you get this. We go to overtime if anybody else picks up what belongs to you but everybody uses it mama global air. Not at your name your name. This one will decide it mike. This is just between me and lindsay okay on a ship. What do you throw out when you want to use it. But take in when you don't want to use it. I know this one. I watched below deck john john. It's the anchor. Yes i almost said. I'm also dewey and then he jumps. Because that's where to be up to three and i'm right back in the race on your contender now. Yeah but towards lindsay's game all right. Hey lynch says you tell a lie. I did okay so quick remote. You have gas. Guess what is it. I don't think your brothers is your brother's middle name. Okay hold on story. No no no. I guess too and then get it. You just tell us what it is. I think you did are as you made up to who. Rsvp to your brother's wedding thing. That was all bs. Is that the lie michael. I guess you're not the co all wrong was my my lie. Was that my grandpa's name is spurgeon. Oh that was oh jorges coming up next kirk and cap it. Is scott kaplan kirk. Morrison from here on out. Talk to you tomorrow. Seven ten espn..

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