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Nobody's got a better than we do. Trigger grills are all fired up there. Right, make love and before I get to a professional Matt Miller, ESPN draft contributor. I want you to give us your thoughts on the quarterbacks for this next year's draft. I already told you, I'm going over under. I'm going Five quarterbacks or more first round next year. Okay? I want to give you a couple against the green name. Okay? There's some big names that we know like Sam Howe and spends rather I'm gonna give three short of dark horses. Maybe they're not dark horses anymore and see if You were mad. Think I'm crazy? Okay, I'm start with Malik Willis Liberty starting to get a lot of love this week. He's an Auburn transfer who blew up coastal Carolina in the bowl game. Okay, uh, Matt Corral Ole Miss quarterback because he's got Lane. Kiffin is his coach and he's a gun slinger, and he's really exciting. Uh, was he at USC? I don't think so. Maybe he was, he might have been all these guys have transferred at least once. I don't think so. Okay. And then my dark, dark, dark horse, and this is just what I saw him play. Coastal Carolina quarterback and I'd look up his name Grayson McCall was a three star recruit Kinda looks like Mac Jones. I feel like a coastal Carolina quarterback to be a great story. He's my dark, dark horse. He's kind of young, but he'd be eligible. So they're my three dark horses. Malik Willis. Mackerel and Grace and McCall. Not sure if you stole Matt Miller's thunder, By the way, I don't think so. But my two favorite players Are not skill position players. Derek Stingley Jr. And, uh, Kyle Hamilton, the safety out of Notre Dame thing these Alice, you right? Yeah. They're sorry. Yeah, but Hamilton at Notre Dame. He reminds me a mill Blunt. He's like, Looks like he's 64 safety. Yeah. Oh, wow. Let's bring in Matt Miller. Maybe we don't need you mad. Did we just steal all your draft thunder for next year? Yeah, I think so. Make love has got it. I mean, you might want to keep him giving a race. He s B is gonna try to give him my job with all the dark corners quarterback. Okay, over under five quarterbacks taken in the first round next year, you're going over under I think that's right on the money. I will say this. I have 14 quarterbacks raided already for next year. 14 legitimate quarterbacks, not to mention the two that I have to add to my list, thanks to Andrew. 14 quarterbacks a lot more than there were last year's class man. We received eight drafted, so I wouldn't be surprised if we Seymour quarterbacks drafted, but we haven't seen six in the first round yet, So maybe next year is the year but there's not that clear cut. Trevor Laurence type guy headed into the year. It'll be a lot of players who have to develop in Ascend whether that's you know, Sam how North Carolina after losing his top two receivers and top two running backs Seen. Slovis has a ton of playmakers around him. His offensive line is gonna be a little bit young, but there's not that established big name right now. All right, run down. Some of the other quarterbacks here. At least we can keep an eye on this upcoming season. But I don't want to inflate your ego too much. Your dad, But you hit the nail on the head with Carson Strong. That's my dude for next year, and I thought he was going to be the guy where I would get to come in here and like August and Puff my chest out for me. This is the new battle quarterback Vata. He's good, though. Six ft. 42 20. He's got a huge arm. He could do enough off platform. Hate comparing players when they have the same name. It feels lazy, but when you watch him, you see a lot of Carson Wentz like He's a big quarterback with a big arm and good mobility, so I would not be surprised if he ends up the number one quarterback next year. Spencer Rattler has been in Oklahoma. It feels like forever, but he's actually just the third year player if you're looking for this year's Cuyler Murray or Zach Wilson, the undersized quarterback who's just gonna run around in the pocket and make crazy things happen. I think Spencer Rattlers. One of those players, Malik Willis, that Liberty is another McLovin mentioned he's Malik Will a 61 to 10. He is an electric athlete probably has the strongest arm in next year's class. But then there Kind of your traditional power. Sam Hallet, North Carolina Phil Jirka vets who transferred from Notre Dame to Boston College and looks like he will be an NFL level quarterback. So plenty of guys to fall in love with between now and labor Day when we kick this thing back off, looking back on the draft, which team changed the most with the NFL draft? Think Carolina and you have to include the same Donald trade in there, so they've got a new quarterback. They added A very good corner and JC Horn in the first round. They got terrorist. Marshall Junior wide receiver in the sac around Brady. Christian sent a tackle in the third. Then I thought they really cleaned up on day three tuba Hubbard will play way. No Christian McCaffrey is gonna move around. You got hurt. Last year, Mike Davis had to step in a lot. Think Davion Nixon, the D tackle from Iowa, he's going to play and they drafted a long snapper Thomas Fletcher of Alabama, so we know he's gonna play E. They got six or seven contributors in this first draft for Scott Fitterer. But I always looking strategy. I don't necessarily look at the player. It's like the Raiders with taking Alex Leather, right? Like where you took him. It's not him as much as where you took him. You know, the Steelers taken nausea. Harris. Okay. Did you need to take him there? You know, Carolina decided not to take Justin Fields or Mack Jones. You know that They were going to go with Sam Donald who, if he plays well, is going to cost them an awful lot like did you understand? Who strategy did you question? And whose strategy did you praise? I mean, my job's to question everyone strategy Almost right. I mean, we can even start with San Francisco. Hell, we could start the New York Jets to be like, you know, is Zach Wilson gonna be better than Sam? Donald? Did you give enough framework of structure around him that it's actually gonna work? Historically New York Jets, quarterbacks don't pan out. So if you want to bet on who's gonna bust you just play the odds and take the Jets quarterback, but You know, the Niners gave up the historical amount of draft capital, the researchers, the ESPN told me that is the most a team has given up for a quarterback since Washington traded up for RG three. We know how that worked with the Shanahan's, so that's a lot of draft capital to give up. And then I thought after trailing San Francisco, reached for Aaron Banks is good player they reached for Amory Thomas in the third round. I don't know anyone who had a third round grade on him, and they traded up to take a running back who's been a hurt Every time he's touched the football basically and trey sermon. Then they drafted another running back and Elijah Mitchell. So for all the like we get stars in our eyes. Only thing about John lynching Kyle Shanahan. They've had one winning season and I think outside of Trey Lance, who I loved, that was a very questionable draft for them, And that's something that remember this team drafted. CJ bettered in the third round Joe Williams in the third round after he had basically retired it, Utah. And so they have not done a great job outside of George Kittle with their mid round picks, which is where you have to build your team, so I think you can question their strategy. I liked Washington strategy. To be honest to not take a quarterback at night or not to trade up from 19 to get a quarterback to give up a future first round pick where next year's draft looks to be, Ah, lot deeper..

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