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Hundred begin the journey of help transform your life tune in to help constituents taking a natural approach to wellness with Kerry Meryl and are privileged account Gary is an expert in holistic health he will take your questions bring you the latest health related information tune in every Saturday morning at ten AM for help is a choice taking a natural approach to wellness Saturday on W. D. T. K. F. M. one a one point five ten AM fourteen hundred the patriot I'm a counselor for the Michigan problem gambling helpline people don't want to call us they're shamed and they don't think they can be held I have years of experience as a counselor and real life experience to I was a gambler once myself so nothing you say can shock me it's my job to help you so call me call one eight hundred two seven zero seven one one seven for help sponsored by the Michigan department of health and Human Services and the Michigan association of broadcasters hello friends this is look him at and I have some exciting news for you now in addition to listen to us on FM one one point five and fourteen hundred you can also stream us live on radio dot com here's how it works just go to radio dot com choose news talk radio then scroll down to WTTG the patriot it's that simple or you can just pick this up on the radio dot com app either way it's fun sounds great then you'll love it check it out today at radio dot com.

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