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The day replicas just something that talk in it's a big difference from you know huddled song believe can free short space will though it's different from sharing a space was someone yevgenia believes users can still have similar feelings as when chatting with a real person the idea is that within a friend users can trust people may be more open with our thoughts and feelings feelings that might not be shared in person to person communication other than the benefits of emotional venting what other use could all that user data have while the knowsley wonder fine real data on people feared gigantic official thing you know on our social meaning long long law test application for long as the stowaways shameful slay a lot of first off nephew a the rule of law were four loss world actually open for us will open up little just say who will tormo on on malval over feel about fossil so rob of boss wanongo reliable ways to actually hunk one maybe astronauts boycotting actually work in future loss while the data can be used to create some sort of an avatar false and maybe a really big avatar far from sabang in the future what you have any of these describing is the potential a uh has to collect data now the can leave behind a more cohesive digital footprint for future generations but what does the future of replica look like so her including fodder belong um if you can do a lot of really interesting news feels that we are going to be released in sweden can share a lot of wagner for solving they gave this book is not just a map it's it's your friends and you can acts of full fledged media can yeah thanks so much for telling us about it thank you so much you have guinnea kharita is the cofounder and ceo of luca the aai company behind the grief bought roman and the ai friend replica.

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