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If you find interesting enough. Yeah, I was saving this story for the end. First of all, Jennifer. Thank you second. We'll glad you survived a stroke. Of those people listening. Who are new listeners have not heard a lot of the earlier episodes of the cast. Busy. I didn't up with our friend, rob Benedict. He's an actor musician. He was on a show called supernatural. He's in a band called Louden Swain. He had a stroke when he was like his early to mid forties. And it's chilling episode to listen to the title of that episode. If you wanna go back it's called face FA AC, and it's has nothing to do with anything other than strokes. So it's all about strokes. And I think very helpful episode. Listen to if you wanna go back and in its early on. I mean, like probably in the first. You know, ten ten to twelve episodes of of this podcast. My sinuses. So horrible. I don't feel sick. I'm not getting sick. Don't wanna get sick. Just have a few more days of shooting before thanksgiving vacation. But yes, Jennifer, thank you very much. That is terrifying story. I find the most interesting part of that is you're laughing. Dancing around. At is scary ash. It. I do weird things. When I think something bad is happening. And this is this goes back to the movie. There's a Bill Murray movie. What about Bob? Great movie, by the way, I think Frank Oz directed it. But it's Bill Murray and. Shit. No spacing. The other actor. But Bill Murray plays a hypochondriac effect that should be required. Listening to anyone who are should be required. Watching viewing to anyone who's a listener of this podcast because of hypochondria it's probably in the nine is made probably in the nineties. Mid to late nineties. It's called what about Bob and. Bilberry plays. I country named Bob. Any go Richard Dreyfuss? That's the other actor. He goes into Richard Dreyfuss who plays a psychiatrist psychologist, and he goes into see him for the first time because his previous psychologists quit. He just quit the business because he was so fucking over Bill Murray's character. So Bill goes into see Richard Dreyfuss. Richard Dreyfuss is like what's wrong. He just starts giving a list of. Symptoms. That is so funny. I get hot sweats cold sweats tingling in my hands tingling tingling my legs. None number lips dead. Lips? Like a nonstop list of shit. That alone is worth watching the movie the scene in Richard Dreyfuss office is one of the greatest scenes ever. But then he does a thing where he falls on the floor. I Dennis by with this so much. It's terrifying. Because this isn't a comedy. It's a movie it's a comedy. It's a funny scene showing ridiculous is, but I completely identify with it Bill Murray falls on the floor in his office starts like clutching at his chest. And just going. Richard Dreyfuss goes, Bob, what are you doing? He's like faking a heart attack. It's like. Are you having heart attack? Like, no, he goes if I fake it. I can't have it. Which? I think to a sane person who does not suffer from hypochondriac or is not. Just nuts. I think just normal person. That makes no sense to me. That makes perfect sense. If I fake it. I'm not having. If you're pretending to have a heart attack. You're not having a heart attack like. Oddly that makes perfect sense to me. Oh my God. Please go watch. What about Bob? It's so fucking funny. It's it's a great movie. Anyway, I think that's it. You guys it's been an hour three minutes, and that's minus advertisements. Pretty sure we'll have a new episode out by for thanksgiving. Thanksgiving's thursday. I think they'll have uploaded bef-, you know, by midnight. Like Wednesday night Thursday morning. So I'm going to record one. Hopefully, it will be out on thanksgiving. If not I just wanted to say, I hope you all have a great thanksgiving and get to spend it with your loved ones and. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Get yourself checked out folks. I'm out of my mind tired. I don't even know how to end us take everything I say with a grain of salt. Because we're no doctors by.

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