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Chris Carino, Brian Baldinger with you in Kansas City, 7 15 to go third quarter chiefs of the Raiders tied at 24. We had an explosive high scoring first half The defense's have settled in here in the third quarter and Devante Booker's out their tailback for the Raiders. He's been He's been better running back today better than Josh Jacobs, and I don't know if anything's wrong with Josh Jacobs, but Booker's been the better player at that position. He's deep behind car who's under center turns gives the Booker dancing at the line hits the pile drives it ahead for a gain of about two Booker Sacramento native who spent his first four years with Denver after coming at a Utah was a third round pick. But really the Chiefs defensive front has been excellent against the run today, led by Chris Jones. Alex Okafor and Derek Nadi. I mean those guys inside, they're not moved. Empty backfield for cars, Booker goes out in motion to the right. In a second out. It's seven at their own. 32 bar takes the snap. Three man rush forced to his right looking to throw on the run. Does the Waller but he dropped it. He would've had a first down right around. The 40 car zipped in between Two defenders in Waller could handle it Double wall or at the very beginning of that play was a flag Brian on the far side of the field there, the Raiders sideline. Meanwhile, I fire two past holding defense number 30 to 5 yard. Finally automatic pushed down. Tyron Matthew is called for the penalty of the Chiefs. Eighth penalty. And that's the 1st 1st down in the third quarter for the Raiders. So they get their 1st 1st down via penalty. So eight penalties totaling 79 yards. They two cheese penalties on offense wiped out touchdowns car out of the shotgun on first attended his own. 36 takes the snap give inside the Booker Booker off left tackle. Crashes into the line and plows ahead to the 40. That's a gain of four on the play for Devontae Booker, the Raiders. There's just no creases. That time they pull the right guard gave Jackson around what we call a power play. But Miller Turns out good on the left side. Then you get any movement at all one dimensional game. Raiders offense right now. Jacob's comes back in. He's in an eye behind in Golden fullback witness in a tight end. Double tight end set to the right Now Waller splits apart from Winton. Witness a slot take the snap car back to throw on second out at six. Looking around, dumps down Jacob's Jacobs is hit. In the middle by Wilson and thrown backward after a gain of four out to the 44..

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