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Now, the Dow, the NASDAQ The SNP are all 1% and Mohr higher Right now. It's a great day for the markets. 1 20 Tomorrow's the day that Governor Cuomo is expected to lift Select Corona virus shut down orders in Queens Mayor Bill de Blasio, expressing some optimism. Today, I have every expectation that the state eyes preparing to act to remove restrictions in central Queens, but again pending final confirmation. Pending final Look at the data. We got some more to do in some of the other neighborhoods. But I have to say again. What we're seeing in central Queens reminds everyone that we can move through this quickly. That if folks go out and get tested, that we can get through this quickly of folks do the social distancing and where the mass we can get through this quickly, so hopefully we get good news on central Queens soon and then the other areas soon thereafter. You can't imagine anyone would still need to hear this. But the CDC is issued a strong recommendation that everyone wear a mask on planes, trains, subways, buses, taxis and rideshare vehicles. The guidance also calls for face coverings, transportation hubs, including airports and train stations, Airlines, Amtrak and most public system's already require masks. But back in July, the White House opposed language in the bill before Congress that would have required masks on all airlines, trains and public transit. A NASA spacecraft is attempting to collect a sample from the asteroid named Bennu. CBS's Mark Strausman spoke with the mission leader, Dante Lauretta on this I saw those first images coming in, and I thought, Oh, boy, we're in for a real challenge here venue is covered in boulders to find a safe spot to grab a sample. Scientists spent a year mapping every square ridge. They settled on small clearing called Nightingale Crater, and there's a large rock on the Eastern rim that I call Mount Doom. That's about 10 M are 30 ft. Tall, and we definitely don't want to fly into that The spacecraft is about the size of a large van. It has to maneuver into an area the size of a few parking spaces. It's 11 FT. Long arm ends with a sort of space vacuum cleaner designed to collect about two ounces of asteroid gravel Get a couple of New York City radio reporters who park in the spaces in this town. I have no problem squeezing that thing in The asteroid, by the way, is about as long as the Empire State Building and CBS's Mark Strausman there with the the folks behind that you have just about the coolest jobs on the planet 1 23 of WCBS Wall Street next, and Joe Connelly, standing by Progressive.

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