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So the Bears and Packers renew the oldest rivalry in football. I still have to have some Packer fans where we can do that tomorrow to ask Sam Packer fans. If the Bears Packer rivalry is as big as it as here in Chicago is Bears fans make it because Ah lot of people in Green Bay, said the Bear or the Packers. Minnesota rivalries bigger The barrister that it really is interesting. The different perspective as to who you talk to, Because I've seen variances too Sure. And your clothes, your clothes to Wisconsin. Yeah, I could see I like I said last week, I could see covert rising. Yes. Uh, I don't know where they're somewhere a little line covert rising. I can't see that being a movie. Yeah, all of the TV shows I watch FBI and FBI most wanted and some of the other shows like the good doctor and things like that. I watched and they're all back. And they all have masks they all have to do. They all have episodes all about Cove in all that kind of stuff, So it's interesting to see how long and where, because they had masks in one scene and in another scene, there are three people talking in a room and none of them and masks out of going. Gotta be consistent. There has got to be consistent here. This guy's usually consistent with his feelings. Mitchell Strabinsky, It is Mitchell and displaying dementia. What's up? Hey, but hey, guys think that I appreciate both of your work on this holiday session. What I want to bring to your attention to the following regarding Travis Kate was worth the logic backwards. He's gonna be probably starting on Sunday against pages of the most prolific offense of the entire year with previous Packers the idea that he's to go toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers is that Johnny Appleseed fairy tale Now the notion that he's gonna somehow become Joe Montana. If he goes to a different team next year. The best thing that could happen for teams Robiskie he would make an excellent addition with that call the Toronto Argonauts and CSL. Where he could focus on honing your skill set because he's going to get destroyed by that Green Bay defense. And here's the problem. I want you to understand. When you break down to this, he's mechanics. When there is that what I call a massive rush. He did not step into the ball to throw downfield. Okay, he get to deserve by the defense. The idea that somehow he's going to be the cerebral quarterback and basically deconstruct the green Bay Secondary again is another fairy tale Should. This is only ability is debated you that one. Play where he rolls out to his right and he throws on an angle. That's it, okay. And also Maggie is stubborn. Okay? Yeah, we talked about that. OK, but I'm saying, you know, I getting back to the vibrate when Maggie came into becoming the coach with obviously the big press conference. One thing that was missing. I should say this what it was like to me the Bryant case. It was a motivational speech, and there was something very suspect about the way he came off. And, you know, Nagy has never really talked about having a strong competition with basically grieve a Packers this properly, It's completely void at least Lois Smith the day he took over as coach, He's His priority was to be Green Bay, and I don't think there's much of a you know a rivalry with the Bears against Green Bay Packers, which there should have been. I mean, take always talked about having an exorcist about the grieving. Gotta win your division, especially a packers, and I think that energy and that complete vibration is gone. Travesty on Sunday. I feel on Monday, you're going to see the Titanic basically go down and a massive amount of what I call unpredictable in this because I think something you get a really difficult time with Maggie's in Could you know what I call his inability to call plays? And also, I want you to focus on how risky throws the ball. He does not do a tight spiral He never has. He doesn't throw a wrong ball. So for all those people of these Neil fights that I think that's the best. He has This great people know this 7 10, a Greek default, They also can elude the rush. I want to bring up the preference for one thing. What's it is Packers Week in 1987 Big Green Day 61 to 7. You know, we through most of his passes to James Scott. Okay if the Bears beat the Packers 61 to 7 on Sunday, But leave me everybody will be doing but I call jumping jacks. But I highly doubt that could become a reality. Mitchell. We appreciate the call. As always. I'm sure you'll be calling Captain Jay Hood on Monday morning. Caffeinated Mitchell. I don't know him personally. But, boy, are you loaded up wound up real quickly. I want to play this. I said we player and Rogers. This is Roger's talking about quarterbacks and the quarterback tradition. You know, he's remaking. It's been fun to carry on the tradition. In Green Day. One of the great players that played quarterback obviously, following legend and bread. Didn't know really well, the late Bart Starr a lot of guys in between that and we're really good players. I've got no magic little bit over the years. He's always been really supportive. Um, when Dickie obviously had a really nice run there for a while, Um It's a deposition to the draft with scout Um And then you never know exactly what you're gonna get. The leadership standpoint, I've always said from the time I was drafting things I feel like separated me from other players. Um, is the things you can really measure. Then you know it's the competitive drive. He's dealing with adversity. Its presence marks and Toughness..

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