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So on today's episode we have Nigel Hamilton. The author of the new book. War and peace FDR's final. Odyssey DDAT alternate, one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, three to nineteen forty-five, and this book finishes Your Trilogy President Roosevelt and I'm seventy to hear that this electorally. Be Your final book. Is that right? Not necessarily my final book, but probably my last big biography, okay. Well. It last of my FDR because he dies the in that is true. Yes, I, I can't keep him alive. In fact I I had a strange episode. Where just before I finished writing it I got writer's block and. At my writers, group Mike civil. What's the matter? I said what I just I? I can't seem put pen to paper anymore. They what comes next in the story and I said well. He dies and they said well. Isn't it obvious? Problem with that right. You can't help that. So that that's good. Even the best writers out there get get writer's block. Dead encourages all the rest of us. Now I I remember the first time I ever heard about you. I was ten years old, and it was the thirtieth anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, and you had a book come out on President Kennedy. JFK RECKLESS YOUTH AND I remember there was also a mini series about it starring. Patrick Dempsey and says the first time I heard about you. It's pretty cool to be sitting here interviewing you. What was that like to have a book of yours become a feature film? I was a television mini series. It. It was any time in Lila like when I other than than sort of. Fairly considerable amount of money at least two to get. DOLLAH, because you have to take the money on the first day of of cinematography, because otherwise is. A up. But. yeah, it was a total SURPRI as them. The the book could been turned down by the first publisher in Boston. was afraid of how the Kennedy family would receive it not because it was You know what not because it was negative about JFK on the country was You know he was rather. The hero of the story is just that it was it less than positive about Ajay. Case Filed A. pecan candy the ambassador at London at the time of Hitler. And and he's mother as well. had too many children on, too many cares and..

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