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When the 737 max will be cleared to fly. Komo's Ryan Yamamoto reports the FAA has yet to sign off on Boeing software updates to the seven thirty-seven Max's flight control system. Police needed spike strips to end a wild chase in Marysville overnight. It started when officers say, three people robbed the Safeway at twelfth and State Street. They took off went the wrong way down. I five that's where police were able to use those spike strips to stop the car and arrest them snow. Kwami police were involved in a chase on eastbound I ninety when a suspect moved to the westbound lanes and struck a passenger car head on trooper. Rick Johnson tells us this started as a reporter. Assault, and kidnapping than the crash leaving five people hospitalized female passenger and the driver, both were transported to Harborview, as well as three occupant. In the blue passenger vehicle right now. We've got one individual in the blue pastor vehicle with a head injury. And then I believe the passenger in the van potentially in critical condition, but Harborview have to answer that, now that they're at their hospital as for the kidnapping and assault. We're trying to figure that out there was a male female in the white van and the reporting party, which caused Snoqualmie police to be dispatched indicated that the female was yelling. I don't want to get into the vehicle, and there was an assault progress, and there were long delays around exit twenty two eastbound on I ninety for some time during the investigation. Unreal and unconscionable. That's how a local grandfather describes what happens. Now after someone murdered his granddaughter last September. He learned someone vandalized, the place where he goes to remember, her come Michelle Esteban spoke with him, and has more. From Renton Dale Riley is a roadside memorial. He had made to honor his twenty two year old granddaughter has been vandalized the cross memorial marines avenue. South in Renton is toppled face down her grandad just building put up this now damage cross last Monday after the first roadside cross he made for her Sanish without a trace. Her case remains unsolved in her grandad says the roadside memorial is a place to grieve, the loss for family and friends round. The lies see the someone in the neighborhood doesn't want it there. Or maybe the people that did the killing still very vindictive came back and did something to the cross, Brian. He says to make certain the second cross stayed put he anchored it to offense. That's komo's Michelle Esteban. Komo news time eight ten. That's time to get to the Harley exterior sports desk. Tom hutler here ended a six game losing streak emphatically last night as as started an eleven game homestand.

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