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Want to have a good transcripts. They already seated transcripts to want to see the evidence you have to read. Um, well, the like a like a fireside chat. The end getting the Picked diagnose. The hemorrhoid showing up in her lover's phone is another. I don't know how that happened. Look a problem. Look into that, and she also had women attorneys offered favorable decisions in exchange for personal services to the court. Willie of the Bangles have suffered a setback. Oh, Trae Waynes, the cornerback. A pectoral injury during camp could miss up to two months. Of course you as you know. 27 year old signed a three year, $42 million deal with Bangles March. What's worse downtown Beirut or downtown Portland or Chicago yet when you rather be in Portland, Chicago or Beirut None of the above Siberia room. There's nothing left. You know, Portland, Portland. Have you know that Chicago would long as you don't go across the bridge. You're okay. No, don't try to buy a Louisville Thanh purse again Oxy code and we'll get one on the corner and one on the corner here. Heads off five finger discount. The Reds today will have placed on the 10 day injured list of reliever Pedro Strope. He's tear right. Growing to strain is terrible. And they've called from the alternate site, a Cape Rasco Park and Mason infielder Josh van Meter. Yet what about 7.7 70 array for the relief corps? Willie that is not good. I don't know. Police. There can realize that or not with the numbers. I mean, that's that's not good. That's not good. Tonight. We're struggling. The next 10 games are against the Pirates in Kansas City, considering their 14th the relievers Air 14th in the National League with that 7.7 15 teams of yet I know not of the body starters, their number one number one Number 12.58.

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