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Insurance. These are people that really have limited resources and unmet health care needs those patients pay five dollars copay with the rest of the funding for the clinic coming from an uncanny winning ticket from Kentucky's racetracks, we really feel like that. We can. Demonstrate that this is a very very viable needed resource in the community. We are you of available. Their hair just called Gooby, great spring cleaning one eight hundred got junk here. Cokie love this job is just craze job ever ever. Is there anything else you'd like to disappear look at this garage yard new or closets were so big we'll bring you a truckload of springtime, joy, just ninety minutes. After you call we work until midnight seven days a week. Just call one eight hundred gut joke or visit one eight hundred got junk dot com. Get up and do math get out for up to the minute news. Plus your forecast and commute. Tony Cruz in the morning team. Newsradio eight forty W H E S. Jerry Lewis, fifth wife, dead said vicious and Kurt cobaine also Amy wino-, Johnny cash. More disgrace land, a rock and roll true crime podcast stories about musicians getting away with murder and behaving. Very badly is available now hosted by me Jake Brennan, you can listen to this Graceland on the IRA DO app or wherever you get your podcast. Listen to all episodes of disgrace lanes on the free iheartradio app. Drawn jesting live twenty four seven from the dot Howard plumbing, heating dares studios. This is.

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