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Me a nice easy call the star with what chip in cherry hill new jersey it sounds like he's got failed hard drive is trying to figure out how to fix it but kind of lost effective not he's seen the really expensive sites oh you might wanna throw ninety two did youtube die while i was gonna chat rooms telling me youtube died when i was gone off to find out about the youtube or youtube engendered in general i dunno let's say hi to chip in cherry hill new jersey hello hey welcome all right thanks for hanging on for a week you've been on hold for a week gets rich this question again i'll answer i'll take any question you can fire at me i give you the right answer but i'll do my best okay so some another caller called about a failed hard drive and they went to a repairman and the repairman wanted them to buy by the parts so they could fix it ritze no no no senator expert ship it away that's gonna cost me i checked it out it's gonna cost me like three hundred ninety nine or four hundred and up up to i can i can get your bill higher than that that's nothing so let me talk about what the hard drive dying means because it can mean a lot of different things if it's if it's a hardware failure but you know for fact it's a hardware failure well i didn't recognize it took it doesn't mean anything so let me let me start over hold on a hard drive not being visible doesn't necessarily mean there's physically something wrong with it they can be a software failure could be a hardware failure software failures are generally easy to fix an inexpensive hardware failures are always expensive so the guy you brought it to the rich was right the guy you brought it to says well if you were to get me some parts i can fix this well i don't know if that's the best idea generally if you go to somebody like dr savers that's why it's always easier and cheaper to pack up for sleep report the tech.

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