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Marijuana before a prize fight. Mike Tyson has I've got a deal accruing on this 11 of the low points off my Thanksgiving break. When I wasn't engaged in what can only be described the eating consumption of my house. There was not a holiday. That was a cry for help. Bad things went on. It was very much a hazing ritual. But one of the low points Saturday night I ordered the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. That was on pay per view. John Constantine. Oh, did you see the Tyson fight? By any chance? I didn't ask you about that. I always thought the snoop Dog commentary highlights on Twitter which were pretty good, just Yes, woman. Did you see a body is hands didn't see the fight. I just started looking up the results yesterday. Okay, we'll Snoop Dog had a great line John and the play by play where he said. This looks like my two uncles fighting in a barbecue. And they did look like they were fighting in a barbecue, presumably over the last piece of pie. Roy Jones was fast. He was fact make Tyson look like he was in shape. But you could see like the hand speed and the power isn't you know not what Itwas and mighty Tyson admitted after the fight. He got high like my question to you, John is if you're betting a prizefight. You would not better guy. If you knew he got high. Correct. You would be concerned that they would know where the ring It's Yeah. Yeah, I will say this, though, Like Roy Jones was lucky he didn't get the munchies. You know how that we roll when he gets hungry in the ring, But no. I watched that they fought to a draw, and it really was like a garbage fight, but they get away with murder in this day and age over things like nostalgia. Because there's enough people obviously like these two fighters in your youth, there's not a lot to watch on TV, but there was no crowd. So it's a boxing match with three announcers and no crowd and it really was probably the dumbest 50 bucks I spent in a long weekend full of dumb $50 expenditures. Have you heard the conspiracy theory? Which one is this about the draw? Why it was a draw so they could fight again. When people can show up, huh? If if we can have crowds again in 68 months, right, and that's when they had the rematch of people actually show up. And that's why because if there's a loss, they won't come back. I mean, it would have been nice if Roy Jones showed up. I mean, if they were both like there was so much just clenching. You know, Tyson through a few shots, but understand that 54 years old, like sugar Ray Leonard, who was calling the fight when he retired and came back and then retired again. Duty was 32. Everybody was like all these guys to all. You can't be fighting at that age. These guys they're 22 years older. This is quickly remember when when George Foreman came back, he came back in like 43. They were like 400 old man jokes. Yeah, Remember that 24 Jerry? Kooning in Atlantic City. They nicknamed the Fight two geezers at Caesar's on That was like a thing as in my youth that was like my favorite fight poster of all time. I mean, that was the poster, but that was the fight and that became the line and I remember that I remember George Foreman. I mean, given credit, he had a great grilled to sell. And he was moving product. These two are just, you know, hanging out. I don't know what the hell I watched other than my cable company. It's gone 50 more dollars from me, which is not pretty the other day. My question, though it was. When did you make the decision to spend 50? But I was the problem. So Lincoln had a birthday party Saturday. It was all outdoor. They played manhunt in the yard. That was the deal. We could have people over 10 people, but they can't come in the house. So they ran around and played all night. I'm of course, freezing. And there was one other parent in attendance. Who was like, you know, I was gonna get the Tyson fight, and I was like, Oh, yeah. So this is me. After eight hours of chaperoning a child's birthday party, you would imagine I was partaking in certain types of liquids to stay warm on my judgment had become a bit impaired and I wound up getting rooked. To the tune of 50 American dollars. So it was. It was a rough one. They fought to a draw, but I definitely was defeated. I would say by the time I went to bed, but there is a rematch and someone wants to send us ringside seats. Hello, Cady WN in Vegas. We are guest hosting on your station For three weeks. We get a couple of rings sides will show up, right, John. That's what I was gonna say. Maybe we're the ones rooting for the rematch. Nothing you want. If you just want to go back out on another bender, That's basically what it is Tom Bevan. He is, Of course, the Mills Lane of politics. He's the referee. He.

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