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Load Everybody out there. Hope you enjoyed the games yesterday. We're still talking about him. Your takeaways from yesterday's game 855 to 1 to four CBS 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. I'll give you two takeaways and they're very big picture. Macro. That the Packers Packers can easily win it all. And I don't think the bills can That makes sense. Like the Packers seemed to me. They were a team that can that can do a little bit of everything running the football very well, running the football very well. All right. And then you know, around Rogers and the coaching with Matt LeFlore. Just a very smart game plan. A very smart. Hey, I'm not gonna force Sarah Rogers going out there and win in this game. We can do it in other ways, and he and he did it. S O weapons. It is sort of variety of really good weapons for Aaron Rodgers some of the best he's had in a while and again, I'll point to the running backs on and Tight end wide receivers. Defense is certainly good enough. So I think the Packers and listen Is it really going out on a limb, though the number one seed I get it, But I think you're comparing everything to the Kansas City Chiefs. The kid's city chiefs again or a team that not only do they have it all men are they high powered and they can They score fast. They can. They can score fast. So it's one of the reasons why I just don't think the bills have enough. To do it this year. Is that, you know, Listen yesterday, they do what they had to do. They didn't have toe get crazy with their game plan didn't have to throw the ball too many times. But with what they did what it did show you is that They can run the ball. But can they run the ball well enough to wear. That's something they can rely on to keep the chief's off the field because that's what is gonna come down through. The Browns Can't beat the Chiefs, then that's what it's gonna come down to. That is what it's going to come down to. So if the Chiefs are indeed not expect them to be playing coming up next week in the F C championship game, Ken the Bills be diverse enough to where they can run the football and I just I just don't think that they can And they may I think that the bills are a year away from being the team that can do it next year, right? They may be not a year away from being a year away. I think that last year they were a year away from being a year away. That makes sense, and I picked the bills to be the team that went to the Super Bowl. Not not that I'm not going back on my my prediction. Now. I'm just saying that based on what I've seen so far out of the bills in the playoffs, I don't think they have enough. Beat the chief, So that's my takeaways from yesterday. Bill's not enough. They've gone as far as they're going to go and the Packers of the team to beat in the N F. C and they can easily beat the Chiefs or whoever they face 855 to 1 to four CBS 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 Connor Green is my producer today. It's in running the wheels to steal Connor, your takeaways from yesterday's two games. That you saw, I would say with the Ravens game it It really comes down to Lamar Jackson and his ability or I should say inability to throw the ball down the field, especially when they fall behind in games. You know, you see yesterday they just weren't able to get it going on the ground. And when that happens with them, they don't seem to have the ability to throw themselves to a win. And they're also it seemed that doesn't play well at all from behind because Lamar Jackson is just not a great downfield passer, and people can make excuses for him, and I think he's a great quarterback. Until he can prove that he does have the ability as a pocket passer in these games. I think you always have to discount what Lamar Jackson the Ravens could do. And then with the Green Bay Rams game, I think what to me you stood out is that you have Jared Goff, who I just don't think is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback, and they got to the Super Bowl a few years ago. He didn't play well in that game, and I think it's the reason they lost that game yesterday. Again. They struggle offensively, and I know he was banged up. But I just don't look at Jared Goff is being somebody. That's going to take the Rams to a Super Bowl or a guy that can win a Super Bowl. I think you said it. Well, we haven't really talked about Jared Goff from going to do it right here Because you're right. They got actually played relatively well yesterday, Right? Like in other words, he did suck. Guess is really what it came down to that he wasn't brutal. He wasn't bad. He made some throws. He was wearing a glove because he just had thumb surgery a couple weeks ago, But the kind of right I agree with you when you look at Jerry Gob. He seems like a Like almost like a like a game manager. That if everything around him is good, and you protect him well, he can be successful, but in big games against better defense's and better coordinators where you don't have everything that's going perfect for you. He's going to struggle and even struggle yesterday, but also like he wasn't He wasn't the type of player that could that could pull you out of whatever was going on and really win the game. If the defense didn't win the game yesterday, then the Rams weren't winning that game, and I think That Sean McVeigh knows it. I think anybody with with eyes nose that Jared Golf isn't a quarterback that he's being paid to be. But can he be the quarterback that is good enough to take a very talented ranch team? And get back to where they want to be. And you mentioned that they have been a Super Bowl team. They were in the Super Bowl. Now they were brutal offensively in the Super Bowl, but, um Can you be good enough to get back there? And so this is from at this is from after the game last night, it's a it's Q and a with the with the reporter and Sean McVeigh. Listen, I thought he improved on last week. You know, I think you really saw a guy that stepped in and he did what he could. I thought he made some plays. Thought he saw the field well, like I was mentioning, but No, we, uh you know, he did a good job today. Here's your quarter is your quarterback. He's the quarterback, right? So it faded off a little bit right there, But it said Yeah, he's the quarterback right now. Which was weird because he didn't seem like he was building up to him, saying that It was a great follow up and the follow up tells you all that. You need to know if you're a head coach, and you're getting quarter and you're getting questions about your quarterback being the quarterback going forward. You could sit there and you can pretend that it's not an issue, but it's an issue. The minute that the that the media Starts questioning and fans start questioning and everybody else starts questioning the minute that it becomes a regular topic on this, Stephen A..

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