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Resident while taking a shower Well, all I want is Kanye to be well and to make him happy that's literally all I need and so and a little bit of that in this episode and I'm I'm just like wow, it's also a testament to letting your mind wander in the shower. Hey think of what you might think of man. It was really crazy though. Like they were airing wage, you know best of Kim this week for her birthday and I watched the wedding episode again, which if you get a chance go back and watch it is one of the best it it's just the big of a moment in time is hard to express how like wild and extravagant and massive. They're like world is in that moment. How beautiful they all are. I mean they still are but it's just like it is just surreal and they're like, she's like gallivanting around Paris with her girlfriends and that bomb on dress and like yeah it off. Like in that I just forgot the like opulence of it that it was like they had brunch at Valentino's Mansion. They had left on Versailles. I forgot about the refinery danced in the wrong lane. It's surreal Versace Mansion or was it a verse? I I don't know Valentino ballast brunch and then and they did the Gardens at Valentino and it was raining and then verse side that night and then they all flew the surprise was the Flying to Florence for the wedding and my favorite part that we were texting about is historically and I think about it constantly how busted hungover. Chloe said she has to get her hair and makeup done sleeping in a bed. What a dream that is been like I guess if I could ever make enough money me too, but I have some thoughts and and I'll pay them. Well, I believe it's saying as someone who is like a nanny for years and stuff like I would take care of people but a dream it's a shared dream job. Somebody you and I get our hair and makeup done to sleep next to each other one even more than that. Just I want to lay down and have someone brushed my.

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