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Truckee 32. Degrees in Diamond Springs and 39 degrees in Sacramento. On Who's 93 Bolen? Kid became alongside Sam Shane. I'm Christina Mendonca. And this is the case became morning news. Now is the time we go over to Kelly Brothers over a cap trust to find out what's happening in money and business. Good morning. It's right. G BBs Now cap trust. And thanks very much Christina Market Overall today is lower. Interesting news going on a lot of mean first got the game stop here. But you also have News Corp and Google making a deal. Basically, they News Corp Rupert Murdoch's group has wanted Google to pay for digital distribution. Their news articles of their professional journalism for a long time. They have finally cut a deal where Google is going to pay them and distribute the articles. And this is probably very good news and that I mean, we need some new model for journalism to survive When you Think about what's happened to Newspapers and other traditional forms of media journalism on waning obviously, and it's great to see new models kind of explored at least What else do we have going on today? Initial jobless claims 861,000 higher than expected WalMart promising raises to 425,000 of their employees. Pushing their that for that group, innit way, their minimum wage will be somewhere just north of $15 an hour and mortgage rates popping up a little bit as expected, as the 10 year bond yield has moved up a swell Here are the real time Numbers down down to 17 and 31 3 95, NASDAQ Down one 88th e f P Down 32 points or about 8 10 to 1% gold up to Oil down a drop 10 year bond Yield. 1.29%. Kelly. Thanks so much. Kelly will be by and a half an hour. You're also be by this afternoon. Hi, Kristina and Sam. So today being Thursday, Kelly brothers joins me for an in depth discussion. Hope you'll join us this afternoon, kid. He starts to program it for Clark. Okay, time now on this Thursday, February 18th For what? Hear what happened with Albert Parnell? Yes, The first year I'm starting with is the year 2001. And sadly, that's when racecar legend Dale our heart. His first things, actually, Ralph. I didn't know you, Ralph. Dale Earnhardt was killed in a car crash on the last lap. Yeah, that was a stunner. Daytona $500 a real stunner. Yeah, the last one man. Next year. Halves year 1978. And that's when the first iron Man triathlon competition took place. It was on the island of Wahoo, and it was won by Gordon Hailer. Okay. I've known someone who's done that. I know I have a friend who who did that? Like? How did you do that? He's got to be a beast. She said it was hard. She Oh, yeah, She's amazing, but charge that's um That is amazing. Okay, I'm not amazing, So I would not e. In your own way over here right away. Okay. Okay. In the last year I have is the year 1933 sisters, so sisters. That's wait up. That is Yoko Ono. And today is the birthday. Okay, Let me just say it took. It was very hard for me to find a song that did not hurt the ears. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. You know, that was just not ideal, but it's Z doesn't hurt does it appears I'm not in pain. There's air, not bleeding. I'm checking this week's diplomacy.

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