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Incident that's all i'm saying have a as an assistant coach yahya by but my point is uh and again people cringe when i said but millionaires do not want to be all that and i think that that in of that change the culture right wrong the smart ones like tim duncan wallaby coach you hear that over and over again but spree well really set out a because he would at large remember how good a player he was lawsuit nelly drafted him at atta pama slim you know six five but the wingspan of like a six ten guy and he was just a defence of menace right out of the shoot i remember him like he was yesterday aimed uptempo could run all day guy was a hell of a town no question fourtime allstar by the way yeah and the again just to tell of the old stories here but i kind of fell in with them because i again my line was over and over again i didn't just obviously didn't say yeah carla's the mode deserved it or any of that but i did say millionaires do not want to be all that this is a different world were living in now because even twenty years ago the players made so much money so i had him on a couple of times in the vecchi drove down the tv station on his own and uh you know egypt larry i'm just telling you when you're 25 years old and all of a sudden people give you the money and the power you know he was a little bit crazy but not a bad guy aegis say why should i take any crap from somebody look i'm levin you know it's it's it's a well we weren't there and we will we weren't there we don't know how he was coached we don't know who crossed than we know the line was crossed in ottis spree well went on to you know some success not you know probably a little bit underwhelming compared to what we thought.

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