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And now we need to get them to do it at the same time in terms of we're talking to jed Hoyer cubs general manager on the eve of cubs convention in terms of Kyle swore. There's this narrative out there. He's underwhelming guy from since the World Series and he had the knee injury. The fact of the matter is by my math, correct me if I'm wrong he was forty fourth in baseball in Opie at eight twenty three top forty four offensive players in the game in PS. Where are you guys on Schwarzer? What he did in eighteen what he is expected projected to do in nineteen. Yeah. No. We're excited about him. I love the fact that you improve your defense in two thousand eighteen I thought that was a big step forward. I think offensively obviously, there's work to be done. And there's consistency to be gained. But I still think he has exceptional upside as a hitter. I mean, we all know where the power is. And I still think that there is a, you know. A higher batting average higher on base percentage hitter in there, and that's gonna come out. And I think his best I think in past years ahead of him from offensive standpoint. I do think that would with a bunch of our guys I think sometimes we I'm guilty to we forget a lot of these guys didn't spend much time in the minor leagues. You know because they were playing so well in the minors because we're winning in needed help in the in the big leagues. Some of these guys didn't spend a ton of time in the minor leagues. I think that we all made some assumptions that. Okay. Yeah. Once they've won the World Series. And once they've done certain things that their development almost done. You know, they're they're they're established big leaguers. And I think what we learned last year with you know, that's not the case. I think we saw some of our our guys that have had success. We saw some of those guys you're struggling, and you realize that the development part is not over. And I think when it comes to Kyle. I don't think it's development has a hitter is done by any stretch. I think he's going to continue to get better. You know, one of the things we talked about last. You're live near the player. The player amongst our young group that had the most plate appearances with hobby hobby because of his defense was able to get in the lineup a ton and was able to learn you learn a lot by playing and I think hobby you had more play play. The parents isn't that group? I don't think it's a total accident that he was the one that broke out last year. And hopefully, some of the other guys fall in that same trend in terms of the Joe Madden situation. And we talked to Tom about this as well. Now, if I said to most people, hey, your manager averaged over ninety wins he snapped one hundred eight year streak or he was part of it, and he's gone to three and LCS's. He's been in the postseason every year, and he's going into his lame duck gear most would say, wow, I I guess he'd get a big extension. That hasn't been the case. Can you all pine on that now that we're here in mid-january of where things are the relationship between youth? Theo and Joe. Well, I don't think anything has changed since the beginning of the off season when we asked the same question. You know, I think that wasn't Josie in here today. We're we're great with Joe we talked him on the phone all the time. And I think the biggest focus is on getting things right in two thousand nineteen. I think we we all feel a sense of responsibility for the fact that we sort of fell a game shorts or even tonight. I hit short last year of what we wanted to do. And I think that that you know, that's we're focused on. I think that you know, there's a there's a sense of you always have to, you know, you're always saying well ahead of the context, and we just felt like after after the way two thousand eighteen ended. Now we wanted to solely focus on on getting things. Right. And Joe's been even awesome. All winter. He's been you know, I think after the initial disappointment about Tober that we all had I think that you know, his level of rejuvenation has been terrific Hobie be leading these. Meetings today with the coaches, and he's been bouncing ideas off awesome and super excited and. Yeah. I didn't think that you know, this is a kind of issue that people can ask about every every day all spring every every time we win three in a row or lose three in a row was going to say the same thing. Which is we're focused on nineteen Joe's and a great place. We have a great relationship, and is not something we're gonna you know, we're not gonna let it distract us. We're just gonna go forward. And and really, you know, we've had a ton of success with Joe for four years, and hopefully, we're adding a fifth year to that as well in terms of and you knew this was coming Addison. Russell you guys have said, hey, we want to be part of the solution. I had a long talk with THEO about it. And he said look we want to help not only him, but Melissa his ex wife. We wanna be part of the solution as this process has gone on. And I know he's going to meet the media at some point. How do you feel like the treatment or the solution that you guys have provided is going and do you understand the criticism that some give you? Yeah. I think I think first of all I think we we totally understand that we made a decision to tender him. You know, we know that we knew that it would be unpopular in some ways. I think that people have a visceral reaction you to reading about what happened. And so do we I think we have that same reaction and the more that we? You know, work, and and talk to the experts, and and look through it, and I can assure you that the amount of time we spent on this was was considerable who felt like having a conditional and bold and underline conditional. Second chance was the right thing to do. And then it was the the thing that was recommended by experts. And that was ultimately like where we where we decided to go. But I think the most important thing in this whole process is is focusing on Melissa. She's a she's a victim. We want to make sure that we provide resources to her that we that we help her that were in contact with her. And we wanna make sure that Addison. You really continues to live up to his end of the bargain as far as improving his life. And and and really making some some significant changes. And I think speculating or even updating on where he is it doesn't seem appropriate. You know, I think this is a process, and you know, I think that I know he's working hard at it. I know he's he's been diligent. But I think updating it doesn't make a lot census is up. You know, well sort of. In time. We'll do that. But I can assure you he's he's working at it. And I assure you that the organization has been talking to Lisa and in contact with her a lot and try to provide the resources because ultimately like I said Addison's not the victim here. She's she's a victim. And she's the one that we need to focus on when it comes to to help. And I guess I would like I said underscore. This is a conditional second chances conditional on him really making meaningful changes before I let you go and I greatly. Appreciate your time. Last couple things. There's a reporter who this is what he wrote. He covers the New York Mets. He said cubs president. Theo Epstein did not want to fire chili Davis. According to multiple sources who told us he had no choice, but to give to the wishes of at least a few of his star hitters most. Notably Chris Brian Anthony Rizzo. He's not happy about it. He thinks it was the players couldn't connected complained about chilly. Chilly came out and said. Said publicly I don't connect with these millennial types. And then Joel Madden said I'm gonna get millennials for dummies. How do you respond to all that? And how do you feel like you? In theory are better equipped to connect with millennials. No. I think it's a great question. You know, first of all existed chilly part. I think Chile is an excellent hitting coach I would never put it on. You know, a couple of people. I think that you know after meeting with every single hitter at the end of the year. Ultimately, we felt like. We should bring in someone that we thought connect better with them. That is not a knock on Chile. That was how we felt like I said, I think that, you know, not every hitting coaches is perfect for every group. But I'm so happy landed on his feet with the Mets. Could I do think he's an excellent hitting coach? I think I think it's a challenge. I think this is this is probably just a story to play out with every set of generations. Right. That you're you're going to have an older group who's not going to necessarily understand the younger group. And I think you have you know, a a series. I said a coach's with exceptional wisdom, and they want to figure out how to share that wisdom how to teach. And I think it's important that we, you know, there's no point in criticizing the way a certain generations takes an information. There's no point in criticizing the way, they learn. It's our job and the coach's job to adapt to them. And and I think that that's probably an age-old friction between two generations. And I I just think it's always on the older generation to adjust to the way the younger generation's taking information and learning and we have to do that. And we're doing a lot of things to try to stay current on that, and I think it is it is important, but it, but like I said, I don't think this is unique to millennials. I think that you know, I'm sure that people in the sixties and seventies and eighties were saying the exact same thing about the generation coming up. And so like I said it's on it's on me on the it's on Joe is on the coaches we have to connect with the players. It's not it's not it's not their job to figure out a Keiler Murray is now he. I know he was drafted. And he had said, Nah, I might go to the NFL and there are varying. Opinions. Dion Sanders came out to pick up the baseball bat. Never looked back. Chris singleton? A former player said go to the NFL Tom Ricketts doctors today said I talked about this at dinner last night with my kids. What would you do if you're in that situation is it a bad trend? If he says two major league baseball me. I know I was a first round pick. But I guess what I'm going to the NFL. Baseball's out is that a concerning thing for you. Well, I think. I think it's unique in this situation because he's a quarterback quarterbacks. Make a ton of money quarterbacks are in commercials, and they're the they're the guy and they're protected and a lot of ways by the rules. So I think this is a unique situation. I think that if it was almost any other position, I would think I personally, I think from a life standpoint and a money standpoint, I would think it would be a no brainer. You know, if the quantum Barclay taking a name out had been in the same situation that is no a no brainer to go play baseball as opposed to being a running back. I think the fact that he's a quarterback. I do think adds a layer that I understand his desire to be the guy, you know, in in, you know, NFL quarterback those guys, you know, they do they make a lot of money and they're protected so I get that on a on a bigger global thing. I just think it's really important that we convinced the best athletes. To play baseball. Baseball more exciting with great athletes. I I would love to see Cala Murray play baseball. I hope that it works out with him in the as because I think it's good for the industry. And I think that when there are future athletes. Kyla Marie I hope that they they play baseball. And I think that we should do things within our within our CBA to encourage athletes like that to play baseball and having all these limits on spending. And I think that that does inhibit getting that to sport starts to play baseball. And that's something that we've talked about and GM meetings at nauseam is these limits our ability to recruit a kid. That's that's looking at a football scholarship comes in LSU or Michigan or whatever it might be like like, we have a hard time competing against that. So we should have, you know, the one hammer that we have or to hammer her we have the health issue was this real. And then we have the we should have the financial hammer, and we you know, we've sort of. Limited our ability ability to do that..

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