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Tonight that the president's initial reaction to strike was it was pleased by the initial appearance of success it also pleased with the performance of the men and women of the military and launching those attacks against syria targets and in addition the cooperation of the uk and france statements by the president and the leaders of the uk and france all saying it had come to the point where there was no other choice but to take military action defense secretary james mattis telling a pentagon briefing the bashar alassad didn't get the message from last year's missile attack right now this is a one time shot and i believe that it sent a very strong message to dissuade him to deter him from doing this again matt is also says they have evidence that the syrian military was behind a poison gas attack a week ago the city of duma some members of congress are upset that they weren't consulted before the strikes fox's jill nato is live in washington while house minority leader nancy pelosi says one night of airstrikes is no substitute for a coherent strategy on syria she's calling for the president to come to congress to obtain a new authorization for use of military force republican congressman thomas nancy kentucky on twitter questions the president's authority to strike syria on the senate side republican majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he begs the strikes and democratic minority leader chuck schumer also for the attack but warning the administration has to be careful about not getting us into a more involved war jack legs jill russia's us ambassador warning of possible consequences from the attacks cryptically saying in a statement appre designed scenario is being implemented fox news fair and balanced on the next episode of recipes for disaster paul coming over tonight for a barbecue which is why i prepared a delicious lemon rosemary steak marinade for my special collection of old family recipes to make sure the stakes are extra extra extra tender i left the marinating out on the counter overnight just like manna used to maria may mean well but without food safety it never ends well always thought or marinate foods in the refrigerator at forty degrees fahrenheit or below or you could make your friends and family really sick.

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