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Well last night was the autosport awards it's well established as the motor sport industries most prestigious award event. We first held it back in 1986, and we celebrate achievements across not only all the major international series, but those in the UK, and despite the event being held in February, it was still officially the 2021 auto sport awards, although somewhat slightly delayed, thanks to some lockdown restrictions at the end of last year and getting people in and out of the country. On the podcast today we'll hear from some of the winners and those attending the event Sebastien ogier, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Frederick Rasmussen, Oscar piastre as Sutton Jean todt and more as well. The categories that auto sport readers were voting on include international racing driver, international racing car, international rally driver. The rally car, the British competition driver, rookie of the year, national driver, and of course for the first time this year, the gold award as well. Whatever a year more than 1200 guests do that walk down the red carpet. Enjoy a champagne reception. And experience London's largest ballroom at the grosvenor hotel on park lane. Over the years, motor sports most famous names have been on the autosport stage. Erin Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, sir Stirling moss, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Richard Petty, sir Jackie Stewart, Dale Earnhardt and Bernie eccleston and many, many more. The awards themselves are voted for by readers of autosport magazine and also sport dot com. So let's hear from those tonight. And finally, the long established Aston Martin also sport BRD C young driver of the year award will be announced and that includes a check for 200,000 pounds full membership to the brdc and of course that famous test in a Formula One car. But before we even got to the awards walking down the red carpet, was Red Bull Formula One chief Christian Horner, talking to Sky Sports, and he said he expected to see some changes to ensure that the race director could make better decisions during races. Key focus on this and I think there's a big drive to make sure that the race director has better support is.

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