Ted Danson, Shmir, Malta discussed on Last Podcast on the Left


Ted danson that makes sense he's in shmir enough commercials shamir an audio looming the aluminum do you want they want us drunk of course the brotherhood of the snake was eventually infiltrated by the draconian s aka the rep till liens in the whole thing was plitin reversed into a secret society that distorted knowledge instead of clearing it all up a run out of that rep chilean version of the brotherhood came freemasonry the rosa a crucial since the nights templer at the knights of malta the otas so yup oh who again what's tim plea orient is memory hung out with that oh teo guyana atlanta member the one that looks i bob from twin peaks yes yeah rao yeah was the best he's a lot of fun it's great nice guy go very much centred i have been scare on eyes greg and of course the always dependable luminosity came out of the brother the stake this there are many different versions of this story right was like the aloom this is the concept that the black nobility now where and bill cooper bill he says the black mobility are the people that are essentially the dirt direct descendants of jesus christ and so they have a lot of importance in various political and economic spheres and spit in terms of the idea of the new world order but according to david i the black nobility is what is also viewed as the the higherpowered hybrids between reptilian said human beings that were then put in place and very serious but bill cooper says that that day the wept killings lied to the aluminum saying that they were aliens in order to get more influence over them but actually the came from inside of the earth.

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