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Want to circle back to kaley. That's i'd like to. I'm gonna give you the whole load today. Filthy you've got car. That's a good one. Chris bailey at three thirty three thirty three parts unknown in the morning. Janice i came to energy in a family from adams first rogan appearance. I'm a regular contributor overrun. Mo- acts this correct. I make my first anna amanita. Adidi shing you've been on the birthday lists for february eighth. Thank you for the twice weekly media deconstruction keeping all of light sweet home alabama fema region for governmental maps. Chris dame astra duchess of japan and all the disputed islands of japan sees three three three to seventy over email. This is very interesting. Of course i have it. But i thought that since i had forwarded it to the back office it would pop up and it is important. We read it so now. I have to go look for it to him. Oh you go look for a while. I read the next note. Okay for mark carlisle three hundred thirty three dollars argh eighties. Here's some treasurer. Please d- douche me. You've deduce te. As a kid. I watched adam host head bangers ball dick as the later i saw them on. J r e and i thought to myself. Is that the dude from head. Bangers ball toss it is but it was his appearance on a khotip. Jesus is show in last fall late fall last year. That prompted me to check out no agenda while you haven't wasn't gre at gerry. Donations at the hotel. Jesus donation. i've been hooked since crackpot rocks kill roles best podcast universe. Thanks mark note from dame astra dear. John deere adam. Just this is just to say the dame astros mark heard you and we are on it. Pronto we'll be creating an anti cova electrostatic quonset hut aka the new genda bob house it comes with uv lighting ceiling which automatically disinfects the interior with individual nuclear power station with integrated insect farm for sustainable energy food with windows front and back for cross ventilation kale garden optional love and light day mastered duchess of japan and all the disputed islands in the sea. Yes this was We called. We said we need to have vow houses. The style europe is going to build back better with bowel house. There's a prize and we need to know what top norwegian architects on the case were shoo-in they should definitely enter that especially with the kale. Growing your.

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