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Reach him out which item earlier at iris prod dot com okay so coming up next in just a couple of minutes CBS news caught in a another fake news story second time they're caught promoting and promulgating fake news you can check it out in its entirety on a tweet through my Twitter feed a follow me on Twitter at crisscross so let's add to crisscross C. H. R. I. S. K. R. okay under the banner fake news that's on there top right now what do you see at the stores that is annoying you that is cool that you like it it could be good or bad ugly I don't care what he's seeing what he noticing what he like many not like an eight hundred two eight W. B. A. P. eight hundred two eight eight nine two two seven so I told my wife we usually don't go and not have to pay me again if I sit there one free image I wish you don't go to Tom Thumb because it's just pricey you know it's good but it's pricey M. but we've been doing done lately because we're just sick of the crap with Walmart with the it's not just the employees it's also the clientele and associate producer David is always on this like a flying you know what because he's a target guy and he he is he is a target snob.

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