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Oh I mean taking heroin is an safe, no or smarts, so. And he wasn't doing it smartly either. He was using dirty needles. Yeah, because I also feel like back then. We didn't like understand. Yeah, the correlation, yeah, dirty needles and Hep C.. Yeah, like maybe if somebody shoves that needle into their vein, you shouldn't just rip it out of their hands and shove it into. Your vein might not want to do that kind of gross. Yeah, so histon in the hospital end up ended up costing the band tour opening for Rainbow. which whatever. I'm just kidding. Well Rainbow at that point at that point was he was? Ritchie blackmore and Ronnie James Dio. Oh, I know. I! was just trying to make them feel better, actually K. like. Rainbow guys. It's fine. You guys are being green bow, who bounce right back. It's like a rainbow in the dark. My cat, it all makes sense. He spent a couple months in a Manchester hotel, recovering mid nineteen, seventy six. The downtime allowed Phil to write most of the songs that would appear on thin lizzy next album, johnny the Fox. After this release from the hospital, the ban went into the studio with John, alcock. Also produced jailbreak. Can't go home soda. Guys. Tension between the band members was rampant during the recording sessions, especially between Phil and Guitarist Brian Robertson Ryan come on other Brian Jesus everyone argued about the direction of the band and other Brian in particular was miffed when he wasn't credited with Co writing some songs. Okay, which is understandable legit the tension didn't stop there hard partying ways, however, if anything, it made it worse, Oh yeah like if you have to hang out with somebody that you're having beef with you know what's going to make that easier dog soon. After finding massive success around the world with jailbreak, Phil became a well-known hard partying rockstar. He could out party out. Drink out drug in out. Woman is anyone Oh, it was all downhill. Fell come on. For you, we were all rooting for you I. We have never talked to a guy like. Right like I, really was like all right. He's got the drugs, but he treated women. Great raw crap God. Damn it! His sexual exploits were well documented even when he was in relationships whether it was drugs, alcohol, or just his personality, he was extremely possessive of his girlfriend's. Even as he fucked his way around the world while they waited for him at home. I can't with that Shit Yeah. Fuck Yourself. He even got married in nineteen eighty. Two the mother of two children okay and continued to just fuck around on her, but it's fine because I'm a rock Straw. Is it though I? Don't think it is not. As long as if it's not an agreement between the of you that that is okay, right? It's not okay. Here's the thing if you're going to say I get to cheat then that person gets the she to. Like then you just have an open relationship. Yes, as should don't work, if only WANNA use gets to have your knickers in a twist. Nickerson a twisty. twisty. She got with steed, my knickers Ron. Glad the other night. Show angry..

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