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Know they cut to the ring and his Daniel Bryan standing up at the top of the ramp. And while we're talking about that is the ring now said or or Bray Wyatt's in the ring. And then the fiend shows up on the stage. After the lights flicker and he watched or he stands up in the ring opposite opposite. Bray Wyatt and there's this moment how can they be two. How can both guys be in the same place at the same time in turns out to be Daniel Bryan? I mean. There's a lot of twists and turns. I could do by by the way I if I'm about had the body type and the height of Bray Wyatt and I can wrestle a little bit. I'm sending resumes to me because you know if they don't do that if they haven't figured out that they're gonNa do that yet or decided. That's an option. You know that they might WanNa play. If I have raised height and body type and I can pull off in the fiend outfit looking like him. You know it's kind of like you know imposter understand. Yeah and if all you have to do especially with the Baltic Billion Dollar Company you can get some of those Really good not not necessarily like the the county fair type but some really good fake tattoos that match bray because I know a lot of times when you have the duplicate you know for instance. Aws has done that a few times. Now what Kinda Gone Junior. And it's very easy to tell if it's not Pentagon junior she look at his last all especially. If it's Chris Jericho yes oh hey and the also the size height is like other than those things you look like yes so back to Raines Corbin for one minute. Where are you on Roman reigns as push for so long? It feels like he was kind of the center of discussion and professional wrestling between the the Wednesday night battle. Turn the emergence of Becky in probably first and foremost the fiend. And what's going on with him and Danny Brian. There's not got a lot of. I don't really know many people who are. I don't know anybody I shouldn't even understated. I don't know anybody who is all that focused on Roman reigns. It's like a top ten guy on their list of topics right now in yet as being a little snarky and facetious at the beginning. But he isn't the headline match at a wwe pay per view it is a TLC. We'll see pay per view. He's in the T. L. C. match. I mean I'm not saying it will go on last hopefully a dozen but it's a prominent position to be in. Where are you on Roman reigns and and is wwe lying low TILA super push? Are they laying low. Because they realize he's not worth pushing at that level. And how do you think he's doing. I mean we just. We don't talk a a lot about on the show anymore but I think it's worth a moment to talk about. Where does he stand rich? Where do you think? WWe going with them. It should go with them. I I think Roman has a very good situation for himself where he can look on Mondays and people realize it. It wasn't all just him in terms of negative negative reaction to be on the top guy and you could also realize it's kind of like when you have a quarterback Where the guy leaves you realize? It wasn't always what you thought. As far as his screw ups so Roman still had those issues he had mixed reactions. He had some of the the the guy not again. Look.

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