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If outbreaks continue. Hurricane is expected to approach Florida's East coast later. Today is a Category one Storm. Brian Clark ABC News News, 1000 FM, 97 7 Local stories here from Cuomo News. I'm R Christopher Cuomo. New Saturday continues to state will have to pay the family of Susan Powell nearly $100 million as to re found the Department of Social Health Services at fault. One or two young sons were killed by their father during a supervised visit. Josh Powell had long been suspected and Susan's disappearance and the most important thing is putting Children first. And which is what the law says. And that's what they're there, priority say, but to stop what they did. It's Chuck Cox, the boy's grandfather. And, of course, Dad. Susan Powell will talk more about this year through the morning here with results from that verdict of yesterday. Also at least one person dead and six others now in the hospital after a crash on Interstate five near Arlington last night. Here's what we have. It happened north of the Stillaguamish River. Just before six troopers say the driver of a white SUV tried to merge into another, Lambert spotted another car nearby. The driver, then over corrected that caused them to go off the road, and they rolled the vehicle several times throwing one person from the S U V coming who's still waiting to get an update on the conditions of the six people that were taken? To the hospital Friday last day of work for 6000 bowling employees. They are part of the first round of job cuts that was originally announced back in May, They'll join more than one million unemployed workers here in our state who have filed for unemployment. Meanwhile, state leaders say nearly 11,000 remaining backlogged unemployment claims were resolved yesterday. Angry I was like, why is it that he's along? Maria Mitchell, who typically works is a mobile notary was stuck waiting for three months for help because of a long backlog of people filing for unemployment. It's really bad because you can't get through the phone lines see just Hathaway Employment Security Department says it's keeping its promise. It says it's clearing out its backlog of unemployment benefit claims by the end of July. Yes, D says the conclusion of the so called operation 100% is an important milestone with help of hundreds of staff and 50 National Guard members, Esty says. It's able to clear the backlog of unemployment claims that got to be more than 80,000. At one point, these air claims that have been filed between March and June. These air claims that have been in adjudication GSD released this statement, saying, quote We know a lot of people are still waiting for resolution on their claims. We're going to continue to work hard to get all the claimants. The benefits they are eligible. For. Suzanne Fawn Common is 34. Come on news where we have come a traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. He is John Nelson. Looking pretty good right now. In area roadways, No major collisions of stalls blocking the roadway. Our accident Highway 16 cleared from the roadway. We do have the Montlake Bridge closed for ongoing construction are next coma. Traffic at 7 44 Open up this morning. Here we got Shanna O'Donnell with latest everybody. Good Saturday morning. Here.

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