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It's not well, the questions really about which has impacted you or your reason for work film, the most, it's kind of overly. I'm going to say Amblin as well, because when you're growing up, when I when we I was growing up, and then was one of the few companies I was aware of. Yeah. When you see that logo at the beginning of a movie, you know, let your usually in for a good time on your, where of Steven Spielberg's connection to it, and I park. Maybe imagine Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer imagine and Jerry bruckheimer productions or Simpson Jerry bruckheimer productions. I don't think I was really aware of silver pictures Karakouz on a production company. I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Like Rambo and all of those eighties films had that at the beginning. So he was associated swirly. See motif or Orion. Yeah. Ryan pitchers. All right. Yeah. So all these things they all seemed glamorous in. They all seemed like the they were doorways to this incredibly glamorous world. But, you know, Calvi since I started working for empire the rise of Marvan and things have impacted my working life in huge ways. But yeah, it's, it's, it's anglin. It's amblin. I was sir offices, like, is it when you arrive outside. There's a wishing. Well, if you have a peak in shock inside then then it's kind of, like send you a one floor and there's a T Rex up. He's not right. Small, the website on is this thoughts of foreign movie posters of spill both films, plus classic movie poses. Love movies around. There's American Beauty. Oscar in the. In the foyer. In a better roses is. Remember that was once to watch and command, which they were testing sound. So I worked a large section of man months before it came out why they let me see there. So, yeah, I have made members. Now they're being Tabatabai cool office. I've been to pick saw BMC aren't yet pixel being to industrial project. Oh. Ah not being too, as he's cutting room. Oh, thank you. Which is amazing because he has I sat waiting for him in his kind of office food, water war, binded, fill magazines Ma film, comment. Like how much is a milk, his friend? Bobby Bobby deniro was was once and find to milk, which is the Reverend questionnaire in the magazine I chickened out of asking the big question, which is on a scale one to ten, how Harry is your arse. I just I just felt I don't think we've connected enough to remember, if he knew how much upon the milk was. He guest think I think he guessed he was quite personable. He was quite names. Bobby milk. Isn't he when he was a kid? What's Yang's milk, pal? The neighborhood kids use a cooling, Bobby milk. Oh my God. See this is why we bring in for your own the big gun facts, the big guns..

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