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Officials say the tents are no match for the wind rain and. Snow of a typical. North west winter they'd like to. Construct tiny homes like the ones found in a half dozen Seattle encampments trouble is. These tiny. Houses don't meet Lynn, woods strict building codes the Everett herald reports administrators at good shepherd are pushing for a code change that offers. An exemption for temporary shelters the hope is the city will agree it's safer to. Have people sleeping indoors even if the tiny houses are not up to code Corwin Hake KOMO news. We're hearing a mother's emotional account of rescuing her toddler after he fell into a septic tank in Pierce county Thorin nearly. Drowned after falling through an old plastic cover on a septic tank in Edgewood on Wednesday his twelve. Year old sister Mandy, saw him go in and shout For help orange mom came running and saw him, lying in that septic water he wasn't moving anymore at that point So you had. Get down there Dine in So I just Give me. To my son she squeezed through that small hole down into, the septic tank, grabbed her son and then handed him up to her daughter who started pressing on his chest is by not knowing CPR paramedics arrived or rush thorns at the hospital where he was treated for taking in septic liquid is komo's Kelly Cooperman's ten forty sports desk to see hawks going through their second workout of. Training camp today after opening, things, up yesterday coach Pete Carroll liked. What he saw then guys came back, ready, to go hey. Good running yesterday. Terrific work today so we're, often often going so Succeeding we're all fired up. A lot a lot of. Stuff for us to see. New players that we were looking in the competition. Set up and just a lot of fun things put together Mariners at Anaheim, tonight take on Los Angeles angels in an American League West matchup Seattle just. A game ahead of Oakland for the second wildcard spot in the. American League after the as one last night. The Mariners were idle sports at ten and forty past each hour on..

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