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Website harvest dot org so thanks for joining me for this podcast alice. Thanks for having me at your place. It's called the rock the rock. Yeah we started About twenty years ago and trying to find a place for kids to go where they could an alternative to. What's on the street. Basically and i watched a couple of sixteen year old kids do a drug deal on the corner. And i went home sick kid. Not knowing might be great guitar or is it. That other kid might be a drummer and it just struck me right then. Why don't we open that. Given that all alternative to go there and it ended up here. That's incredible in your. And i know you're impacted a lot of young people here and and and they come in and they wonder what's the cats but you're just doing something for your communities that but it's all christian you know we're all christian guys. Lord told us to do it so we just obeyed. That's all speaking of that. When i've told people. The i met alice cooper alice cooper. What's he like. I said he's the nicest guy down to earth so easy to talk to and you know and they have kind of the stereotypical image of percent. Right you're the guy that will first of all. I mentioned to a young person the other day. I'm gonna talk with alex kuban. These did didn't he by a head up a bad. i said. i think that's ozzy osborne i said. I do know. There's a story with allison chicken though but that's sort of maybe a little mythological right back then. There was no internet so everything was word of mouth. Everything was urban legend and they wanted alice to be that more than anything. I think they were looking for a villain. And i was more than happy to be captain. Hook jr everybody's peter pan and so the villain always gets all the good lines. And so i was built not to be the hero but the villain but the villain also has to have a sense of humor behind or does it work and everything is based on. How good is the music. You cannot put the icing on the cake without the cake. A six hour rehearsal is five hours on the music one hour on the theater so i mean the band. We're up against led zeppelin. We're up against like you said the who the yardbirds those guys and you had to be as good as they were. You know did you. Was it a big moment in your life. Like this or a lot of musicians today when you saw the beatles on the ed sullivan show. Was that kind of the moment. Where you said. Music for willow was vincent bernie. Not alice cooper. I was painting a house and it was summertime. And i'm painting the house and the radio is always on. Krld or care you x. here in phoenix top. I always beach boys. Four seasons you know motown and all of sudden here she loves you. Yeah yeah what what. I heard about an hour later..

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