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I'm with you and i use apple music on a daily basis and there are certain playlists like there's the kind of the called like a one hip hop or whatever and i'm always playing that because they rotate through a lot of songs that i might not find otherwise but yeah the dj stations sometimes they'll be an interview where i'm interested or some sometimes they'll be sort of a guest jj or there are certain kind of appointment viewing things that that upa music and i know spotify does as well draws me in but i missed most of it yeah i just don't feel like they have i got listen every day content like and i don't i don't know what or if they want that like i would assume they did they made a real big deal about beats one radio when it launched and it's still going and they haven't fired zane lowe instead they've gone and hired another you see radio programmer dj so my guess without billing anything else well enough to there there may not be working for you but it must be working for somebody working for somebody yeah no absolutely i mean i i would like to see i mean i don't know maybe i'm just old maybe maybe all the kids are on beats well and know that's funny because i when i'm thinking about this story the general principle i pull out of it is i would have thought radio deejays would be a dying art relegated to super niece areas raya it was always when i was coming up in radio the assumption was yet your might get lucky and become a rick dees but you probably won't so if you wanna have a lucrative career you might want to try something else and what this is showing is you still in the world of algorithms and pandora where everyone is like oh spotify can make a playlist that's perfect for you there still value being put on human curation and your resistance to this kinda tempers enthusiasm because i'm like well maybe they're just betting on it and pouring.

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