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For Baker Mayfield the completed just eight passes only two of them to Odell Beckham junior all while the Niners ran for two hundred seventy five yards and two touchdowns Jimmy drop below throwing for two more put it all together and the Niners one thirty one three in Santa Clara on Monday Night Football Jimmy Jeez team is Ford its best start since nineteen ninety two could start as it's really all it is so for games and get too much in this league but it's a good start and you know I think we have good my son a locker and just take it one game at a time and sticking up that one step at a time does anybody have another cliche had sure we could find one I had the giants actually practice yesterday se Kwan Barkley would on the field a little bit it was just a walk through those big blue began prepping for Thursday night in New England head coach Pat Shurmur says Barkley could return from his high ankle sprain the Titans cut kicker Cairo Santos yesterday after three Mrs and one blocked field goal in Sunday's home loss to the bills the Yankees are moving on a five one win in Minnesota forty parking as new job that is true Cody Parkey I believe market was signed by the sentence to of that's correct my bad signed in on a flight five one with the Minnesota a three game sweep of the twins they have lost sixteen consecutive playoff games joining the nineteen seventy five through seventy nine Blackhawks the worst such post season streak in our four major pro leagues the rays forcing a game for with Houston tonight they won ten three yesterday the ALCS against the Yankees begins on Saturday the national stayed alive yesterday six one over the Dodgers in DC and the cardinals top the Braves five four in ten fifth and final game in both series tomorrow the NBA far from done dealing with Chinese backlash to rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeting is supported for Hong Kong protestors last week commissioner Adam silver issued another statement early this morning silver a knowledge in the confusion created by yesterday statement he does indeed support Maurice freedom of expression quoted the NBA the NBA will not put itself in a position of regulating will players employees and team owners say or will not say on these issues we simply could not operate that way but silver adds that such words have major consequences like what what like what he's dealing with right now NBA games have been dropped from Chinese TV and upcoming G. league games in the country have been cancer now it's getting serious if we're not letting the people of Asia see the you know the the main red claws and somebody else into JI Lee play then everyone loses the small for the rockets it's a huge financial hit I mean there there's so season now with the Chinese basketball is so is this a are the Chinese basketball association over there it now ceases to exist and they're looking to hit the rockets of the most popular team in China well after drafting Yao Ming they're gonna scrubby L. makes rockets history from his like yeah I mean and and people raise an eyebrow say well you know your freedom and and and that's why you get the clarity you're from silver this morning because of after what transpired yesterday because guys can say whatever the hell they want as long as it doesn't affect the bottom line once it affects the pocketbook then all the sudden the NBA's got an issue with it yeah back here in the states Zion well by the way those rockets are playing right now in the safety of Tokyo they're taking on the raptors they lead eighty five seventy seven in the third quarter now back in the states last night designed on Williams said made his unofficial pelicans debut in Atlanta there's a lot of fun first in being a wooden style county is a record but the first one hopefully many and I'm gonna get that one about is I am posted sixteen points and seven boards in a one thirty three one oh nine victory L. as you head coach Edwards run hole for the linebacker Michael divinity Andy Lyman Rashard Lawrence play in Saturday's showdown with Florida Gators QB Kyle Trask says his springs NY from Saturday is feeling much better and on ice last night the blue jackets outlasted the Sabres for three in overtime for their first win of the season and St Louis one in Toronto three two guys all right thank you Andrew is bogus ran through all the baseball scores there taz yesterday at four games I mean games got going to one o'clock the Yankees and Yankees and twins game ended about twelve forty five in the morning east coast time yeah was looking Alaska title for four hours which is kind of customary for Yankee baseball the post season but are really great database will give the race credit and give the race fan a lot of credit to ties it good crowd out the trop yesterday and all I I poke fun at it the you know they they took the tarps off the upper deck they weren't completely filled I mean I bought there was enough of an interest in that game for them to take the tarps off the upper deck that people are actually going to go up there and watch a little baseball they knocked around Zack cranky they put the you know they they past twelve if they score ten runs they win that game going away they stave off elimination and then they forced the Houston Astros to roll overlander back on short rest in game four tonight yeah the next I didn't expect that I do expect them at a big four awful thing would have put up for you know on distros I didn't expect it and and I I mean especially above being like that tend to three yeah they showed up in the financial office okay so good for Tampa Bay yeah and great he his struggles in the post season to continue a little bit he's not been that big game pitcher the overlander has Kerr call up patrols last are pretty much as not being but we know how brilliant Cole was this year and his free agency year we'll see if the rate is do you think the race could force of for a game five down in Houston we think it ends tonight with her later on the mount is at seven and tonight and stuff yeah I grew the I said that yesterday but I think I know I know I'm with the I thought the answers are gonna sweep as well so I was dead wrong at the crank you attach a lot better and Charlie Morton after giving up the initial home run on the first batter right now to be hits a home run to straightaway center field is that all right would you got distros you know you're you you know your fly into early on in that game and then all the sudden you so great he absolutely explode or implode I should say on the mound now in the race when I came going away how bout the cardinals coming back and beat the Atlanta Braves and what was I thought the best game of the day I agree I cardinals Brays out in Saint Louis I mean first of for most the Saint Louis baseball fan is a great fans truck they really are I mean they they there's no doubt that the the sea of red the back and forth nature of that game though taz you know you either get the cardinals leading you get the albums home run to give the Braves a lead then you get the A. W. Molina over the outstretched glove of Freddy Freeman which allows miss just missed it which allows the game tying run to score and then you get the sac fly by Yadier Molina in the tenth for the victory for the Saint Louis cardinals as they force a game five down in Atlanta on Wednesday yeah Malina play great was clutch for short yeah big victory for the cause of that five four Victor for sure yeah I I agree that the the I watch the book of this game it was definitely I'm for me yes it does yeah me too I I I I love that I love those graves a lot from watching it it does your huge baseball fan as I am right I love Yadier Molina yeah I do too it's his energy is just she brings it man the does I love him well you know what else he is you're right about the energy is a smart baseball player but you know there was a a phrase used to you know think about it does get thrown around all that much now we think of baseball players I look at Yadier Molina is being a gamer now and what I mean by that is a guy that the situations never too big for him you know kind a little bit of an old school kind of throw back he's wearing a backwards cap underneath the helmet you know behind home plate old school he's a smart guy you know he calls a great game he's a clutch he's a guy that when he comes up in a big spot to as if every confidence in the world that even if he's going to give you a great at bat you might not be sick is never to be successful hundred percent of the time he's gonna give you a great at bat he's a future hall of Famer I don't think I've seen him now there been yo piazza was an unbelievable header yeah I was not a great defensive player their big guys have been great have also about a better all around overall catcher in when you look when you take everything controlling the running game Colin you game framing pitches I don't know if I've ever seen a better catcher then got your Molina my lifetime and I did see Johnny bench in his prime I'm sold out of my life to allow to get to the better catch you in the eye I remember Johnny bench removing old and he was amazing yeah I mean he was and and Thurman Munson I mean once it was great it was amazing yeah for those of none of the Yankees but he was great too so yeah I mean I I definitely will put million in that world fish door what's it had a great game to soon he had to release a great camera five yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah find out a way to game five on Wednesday that it would be a good one and it's been a very very entertaining series as the nats get on that airplane and head out west status for game five out Los Angeles match yours are delivers for the Washington nationals going into it elimination games well before his start you know late yesterday afternoon on the east coast early evening I should say hit a five point ninety three ERA in games that he started in elimination games not great not yesterday he delivered for the Washington nationals as they beat the Dodgers six one sure there was very very good the rain falling sporadically throughout the course of the game as well as the nats force deciding game five and how bout that pitching match about their LH beautiful scene Walker Buehler Stephen Strasberg in a game five out L. H. stuff no no doubt it should be also but today I would pull the dogs as you know yeah and I was bombed out man I'm watching this game and I'm like and here I am I going to radio not ripped the national fancy they don't know what they are they don't the from Baltimore of the from Delaware to from Jersey the from DC but yet they all showed up no matter what the hell they're from and they were allowed especially in half inning when the nats put a flop of four runs my yeah yeah and we just can't catch a break weeks I'm talking like I'm a Die Hard not sure Mr Dodger fan we actually how we you'd never think you're a metal band right now my god I've moved on a house he this year just for the items to be in the suit you'll be able to still be getting care packages from the Dodgers of where in LA here and then you get the only game out Minnesota and you know to as the Yankees just on the twins there's no other way to put it you can look at it the amount of plates straight you know they've won what fourteen thirteen fourteen straight playoff games against the Minnesota Twins and the players have changed as we discussed yesterday they beat Minnesota last night five to one you know Luis Severino was good for his four innings of work you through eighty two pitches he worked out of a bases loaded nobody out jam when the Yankees a lead that came early one nothing those kind of really I think that was the second meeting when that the one that is situation transpired worked out of that didn't give up a run and that was kind of the stiffest test then you get into the apple pan and no twins offense of Lee task for a team that hit the amount of home runs that they hit I mean they could have scored in this year's twenty three to seven think about that they can you know what the Yankees the the public you yanks have the greatest online song pitches either no so you know it's crazy out of the day you said at the top you calm terror on this the thanks all Minnesota bait and then at danske sweet Jones they do and I'm and the Minnesota Twins fans got to be frustrating I become a hunt by now we get any other team in the divisional round by lanky that we see somebody else give us yeah we will take the Astros for crying out loud give us somebody else why do we have to always get eliminated by the Yankees why do you need to see the Yankees celebrating it all at our failure of the champagne the blood and everything like that what we need to see that in and enjoy themselves and celebrate out there in Minnesota last night as they advance the American League Championship Series and I can get that frustration for Minnesota it's gonna be a tough all season first hundred win team to get swept in the divisional round there been hundred win teams have been.

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