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I will be taking the position of vice president of grain and risk management for cape and sun a grain and cotton seed merchandiser out of abilene texas and that begins on may first will the grains change that you work with will they be any different than what you have right now i service a variety of producers from cattle to cotton soybeans corn the whole you know the whole deal basically what will be focusing on at this point is developing a program for wheat producers buying firm wheat producers selling to end users and helping those producers to hedge cash sales in the market i'll also be working with some of the other salesmen who sell dd geez cottonseed today so it's going to be a a different a little bit different but i think i'm really going to enjoy it let's talk about since you mentioned that is there any hope for that weight that has looked so bleak will it be improving it all before harvest areas it pretty much being written off by many of these producers we've got a lot of producers down in our area that have basically disaster doubt at this point and it's men a real rough go of it for the last two or three years with wheat producers so you know heartfelt to say that this year it's not gonna be a good season for most of them i was thinking the other day about some of your customers who must have been reacting to the news about what one hundred seventy plus percent tariff slapped on grain sorghum by china that was the announcement and some of your folks have seen a nice market in china the grain sorghum they produce at times in the past couple of years what reaction did you hear about that well you know of course there's concern anytime you have some type of news like that i think you know it's pretty much a wait and.

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