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He wanted to get those were a motorcycle jacket to two different games lebrun i know you've got more to one jacket in other meat packing for a fourday trip kamnu in it i know i know this is this is today's heart what was the cleveland and one was in the bay come on a new got off the plane with the same outfit on one day and had it on going to the game the next that's because you might get wrinkle often have of their i've done that before we don't want to fold up again riddled this wear and then taken off from hair when you to the hotel healthy camp camp south of he's fine he's fine he's thrown underhand he'll be playing we have some non nba finals related news mr rose member yesterday is reported that the nevada athletic commission had a request for the mgm grand arena on august twenty six before the cannella triple g fight the mayweather promotions was going to put on a show they would air on showtime when we all thought that would mean mayweather mcgregor was finally going to happen this summer well guess what they're reported that he has retracted that request so perhaps this is just a way for people to talk about a potential fight for a day it's not going to happen he has until actually wednesday to resubmit if he truly wants the date europe at that point is when our reach out to him saved has really gonna happen because i'm not going to go back and forth with the upper we talked about this off wax you're like i already requested hotel that day mafiaboy from off or a book miro are now going back and forth about do you out of a mosima schedule together we asked him off loyd sharpeyed on twenty six his islam you've got some travel me to say on the show all this and then i'll say it on your show anyway he not listening to this to the park has we'll have rigid.

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