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None of this is about publicity, right? No, no I. I don't even know what to say. About. Kanye West I, mean he's an excellent. He's a very talented dad. He'll still hassle share these some sort of a president. Trump thinks that he's all wasting the meets with something is there interrupting Taylor. Swift. In in the awards ceremony or you know anything, he always wait always someone that reinvents himself. And now we have I guess one of the first supporters wives Elon Musk that rollback leader that he will. Haney way immediately. Beth, we're of course just four months away from the general election and and Kanye. West hasn't filed anywhere to actually run. It seems foolish to even talk about him and yet five years ago, folks said some very similar things about president. Trump I know it's not the same circumstances by any means, but is this both a joke and not a joke. I mean for the purposes of twenty twenty it, it's a joke. I think he already missed the deadline to get on the ballot. In least eleven, state again the process or especially. If you're not running ADS party candidate you have to, you know various varies from state to state. How you actually get on the ballot a lot of times. It's Titians signatures urging money the money I wouldn't be a problem for him, but like I said the deadline has already passed and least eleven or twelve and north, being one of the I mean certain places where you absolutely would not be able to win without getting these kind of electoral vote in these places but the third party candidacy is just. Not GonNa fly I mean there's just. Really good at PR and I think. It's OK that seem as Adema Cortina our associate professor of political science at the university, of Houston, Hirano, also co host news, Eighty Seven party politics program, and Associate Director at the Center for Mexican American Studies at Uh Beth Ronaldo thanks very much. Greg And just ahead, we check in on developments at the Houston. Food Bank and later why a former Houston Ian who wrote a biography about actress Natalie? Wood felt compelled to update it nearly forty years afterwards death. Stay with US this Houston matters continues. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig, Cohen more than a million people in Greater Houston are food insecure that means they don't have reliable access to enough affordable nutritious food. That's where foodbanks step in working with vendors nonprofits to distribute food to hungry Houston's the Houston Food Bank. In recent weeks has experienced stretches of increased demand relief was supposed to come in part from the trump administration's farmers to family's food box program designed to take food from farmers that would normally go to. To restaurants and deliver it instead to millions of food, insecure Americans, but it hasn't exactly gone as promised according to analysis just out Tuesday from Reuters the program fell short of its June thirtieth goal. Houston Food Bank CEO Brian Greene tells Reuters his banks got about sixty percent of what it was told it would get how come well? Let's talk through it and learn more about other recent developments at the Houston Food Bank with Brian Greene Brian Welcome back to the program. Greg is. The on this program? Thank you glad to have you with us. As we chat, we welcome any questions or comments. You have at seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eight seventy. You can email us at talk it. Houston Matters Dot Org, you can reach out on twitter at Houston matters. Why has this farmers to family's food box program not delivered nearly the food that it pledged it would. Well, it's still pledged. A did a heck of a lot I think that Alto first period we distributed about fourteen million pounds because of because of that program. Also, it was a lot ramping up something that was just a start. As is always difficult The when they put the bidding process out they they used a format that was different than what they normally would. Normally so USPA through the University Food Assistance Program. And the school commodity programs they're used to working with vendors to supply They used a different process this time to try and ramp up very quickly and a a number of vendors came online that frankly were not able to perform. And that probably well, at least in our case, that accounted for a good deal of our shortage There was an outfit out of San Antonio that. Mainly an event planner. They've never done anything like this before, but they've put in a little bit, and. I guess you know. They they got a very large contract and Texas suffered for that, so the vendors difficult environment something new, and then some of the vendors probably do. They just could not perform the way some of the other vendors because. This is just one of several programs and initiatives, though the that are aimed at helping food, insecure people and supporting efforts like yours right. Oh and Yeah, that's why I don't WanNa. Is is one that the first first round definitely didn't go as well. like a vendor in San Antonio. They're not in the second round. we do performance is is going to clearly go. we in grateful for that. It's not the only thing that USDA's doing is certainly knocking. Checks? Management, just doing and that's really been a huge part of what the naval us to surge on the distribution as much as we did. you compared this time previous year we distribute about four hundred thousand pounds per day six days a week. That's about ten tractor trailers worth of food. we during May and June, the average daily amount was it billion pounds. Per Day on average, so to announce times mental, all got would not have been possible if the community hasn't stepped up so much, help on, but also use agriculture experiment. Michael's are fixed permanent mercy management. To help us out so a lot of things. have gone I think he's worth well because we're talking about a very train time for people, but you know a lot of the responses well overall, though the biggest aid for families It was the was the snap. the the snap going to families but also the what they call a pandemic mean T-. electric benefits transfer for the families whose kids normally would have received the school. Fear reduced lunch. schools being pulled. They get but the families being eligible to get that amount. You know frankly those him out. are bigger than what you know what we did in. It doesn't doesn't get nearly enough credit. Yeah, you were just referring to schools among your many partners are some sites that provide the summer. Meal Services to in fact, Houston Public School Families last week. A number of the sites, not partnering directly with you had to temporarily close due to increased cove in nineteen cases in the area. How about the sites that you work with? Oh Yeah you know the sturgis is any Any Food Bank of city in this aside, and it's interesting businesses. we keep we keep operating on. We've got very strict protocols in place. lose one of the greenest. Frankly early on, we made with Harrison terrace health department said, look the let you keep doing these distributions on in the community, but you have gotten. You have to enforce that site are doing the stricter protocols. I mean the reality is. People are still gonNA. Get Sick, just trying to consider them. You know how many people get sick, so we don't have a hot tub..

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