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You know, a team and work that we're progress of work. I think so I think definitely the season goes on one of our big identities. Could be are we have linked to. That's what us is. We have some experience. You know, the other night and were gave us all we can handle the first half kind of has been on both sides of those games. I do think we have what appears to be the makings of a good fifteen cent. They held in kind word to seven in the second half. Forty eight to seven was. Say. There's no doubt about it. Last year was an amazing year. But like, you know, what you're gonna get from Keenan. But zehr Seth. I mean, all of a sudden he blows up he's out. He's the first round draft choice. You think you're going to have you have a one and done which is good and bad. It's great for him. It's great foot the program. But obviously, you know, when you expect a guy back you need continuity. But you have a good backward coming back, and you recruited, transferring Matt moody that that has chance to at least feel some of the void. When you look at your back court right now, we are very Matt. And and and Francis. What do you say? Regards goats. You know, we make the run last year to date, and we really return, you know, two of our three guards played most last year. I mean, we're ready was our behalf blessed your play big minutes, March bad, but he's back. He started the other night support adventure covert. I think as a chance to be one of the best players in the big twelve. So even though we lost a lot. You know, we did return to starters Culver nort's. And then you know, really are six or seven man moral and braided Francis of both return. So we do have a lot of new faces. But I think we have enough returners where we can get a good start this month coaching abroad or since Texas Tech. You think football, you know, they'll Texas football thing, but a run to the elite eight. Essentially the perception of the program outside externally. Coke in some ways more than anything. What it does is just Bella date? We got a couple of years ago. We had a vision we gotta day to process plan. You know, we ask players through things they'd never done before we asked our fan base to do things that they have done before. But as to before consistent. Ministrations been great here. We've asked for lot really haven't been told. No. So to have some success kind of validates everything that we do and build the program. I think we'll always look back when latch team and have a big sense of appreciation. We had over ten thousand people here tonight for season opener. That's hard to do anywhere in the country. Not alone. Texas when football season's going on tech football teams good this year right in the middle of mix got another NFL quarterback and got a good defense. So just so appreciative ten thousand people came out on opening night. That's got to be one of the best home Kraus's the big twelve of Kansas. Does what they do. But the rest of us. I put our crowd out there with anybody. I'll tell you. We were up there for game date, then the ownership of the community to me, and that's a testament to you coach the ownership that community, and how you've been able to connect with them in the student body was as good as any place that we've been the years that I've been doing this stuff, and I've been at quote unquote of football school when I was at tech, and and your ability to recruit guys that play a style of bass, what do you think the style that you play?.

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