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That 51 point lost to Dallas on Sunday. Hornets 22 from the mellow ball they beat the Mavs won 18 2 99. From hockey is that a no Ciara signed with the capital's 43 year old signing a one year deal after his long run with the Bruins. ESPN Emily Kaplan has even been a year to your contract, so everybody knew that last year could be his last season with Boston. I have covered this team their last three playoff runs. I'll never forget how dejected that veteran corps was last year when they went to Tampa David Krejci essentially saying, This could be the end of an era. The end for this group. There's so much uncertainty is supposed to be the pandemic knows the dentals management and the Bruins stayed in contact. All off season, trying to figure out if they could work out a deal. But management essentially said, We want to get younger. We wanted transition on the fly. It's the same reason they let Torey Krug walking free agency, a 29 years old now Z. I'm told had about 20 offers. It was obviously interest there. He just had to see what makes sense for him and his family today. No Ciara with a 14 season run in Boston, he played in three Stanley Cup finals. Also Wanna Norris Trophy? As the top defenseman. College hoops Last night Number two Baylor winning a back to back nights. They beat Alcorn State last night by 29. Baylor, Now eight, and oh, with all their wins by double digits, seven of those eight wins have been by at least 25 points. Georgia Texas 72 67 win over North Carolina. The Tar Heels are 11 and 17 and conference games since the start of last season. 12th ranked Tennessee 20 point win. Over number seven. Missouri holding the Tigers 2 53 points by comparison, Oklahoma scored 55 in football last night at the Cotton Bowl. That's gonna do it for SportsCenter all night. I'm J. Reynolds as we wrap up 2020. This, of course, is by no means a one man show my thanks to everyone who's been a part of the show this year on the other side of the glass Rene at the controls tonight. I am holding it all together is our producer as we start 2021 some great college football over the next couple of days, NFL as well. Big questions in Cleveland, Aaron Goldhammer from ESPN. Cleveland will be here to answer that when he joins the morning show shape popular Cornett, Jordan Cornett there in for Cage's their next. It's ESPN radio. This is green and from our family here at ESPN Radio to yours, a very safe, healthy and happy holiday season. I don't want to make sure you know that starting Tuesday, we are moving. Mornings will be coming your way every weekday morning, starting 10 A.m. eastern, right here on ESPN Radio. It's Oh, my God, The MBA. It almost is sacrosanct. I mean, people are on the ground ripping open testing kids. We all have. There's no way we all don't have it. You knew that the direction of the entire 2020 year for the whole world just took a massive turn. 30 for 30 Podcast percents march 11th 2020 available now whenever you get your podcasts College football. It's the game you wake up early on Saturdays for even know kickoff isn't until seven. The game where the Goodyear blimp becomes the Hall of Fame were the game that goes just beyond school Spirit, Banda or love of the sport. It's the game where the comebacks happen. It's the game where anything can and will happen as long as you have the drive, because college football is the game that moves you..

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