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Practice and they will then qualify on friday february twelfth before getting the green flag that evening my to just shepherd of jms racing for coordinating this conversation. Well i hope you enjoyed and once again. Go back through the archives and find episode forty eight for more with sheldon that was also a great conversation and it was geared more towards getting to know who sheldon is and how he was hoping to break into nascar and the switch from off road racing to stock cars or stock trucks. As he's been running. I saw some new reviews recently on i tunes and i wanna thank those of you who have done that. I appreciate all the feedback. I truly do. And you can either leave a rating and review wherever you're listening to the podcast or send me a note on social media. Twitter is the easiest way to do that. And you can find me with my twitter. Handle at kelly crandall. Well this is the first episode of february. And i am excited to tell you about what's coming up for the rest of the month next week. February eighth will be a great in depth. Conversation with kip children's who is the assistant series director in the nascar cup series as well as has the awesome lee cool fantastic tremendous jealous job of being the pace car driver so we had a blast going through his two roles on february fifteenth. Rick houston stops by to promote a special ten episode. Podcast project that he's launching on february. Eighteenth i probably can't and shouldn't give away too much right now. He's going to announce that on the scene vault podcast. Exactly what it is but folks it's going to blow you away perhaps At the end of next week show here. I can previewed a little bit more. So stay tuned. Then on february twenty-second it's better freddie craft to discuss his role. I'm enjoying talking spotters lately. So friday's gonna come on the show and he's gonna talk about that and working with wallace as well. As being a co host on the door bumper clear podcast over on dirty mo- media all three were tremendous guests. And i can't wait for you to hear those conversations so hit the subscribe button. And i'll see you next week on the racing riders podcast..

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