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I wanted to do about the next very argued here over the rate with the bucket of the bucks right well i could have been there to ask a question by the way hold you've asked what coach you've been in the booth for many years harder through to the world captain exciting boarding sean mcdonough is the one who drove you out of the booth back because you like to say anything about shaw mcdonough tonight coach aiding a ago allow doubt grisly yellow jewelry of fritz kuhn was asked about his potential running back marshall lynch if marched on which wants to come back next season do you see him fitting into your scheme and what he wanted and what you wanna do offensively not never met marchan lynch even as a broadcaster i asked for marchan lantion production meetings i never got to me turn turn down astra together laughter throughout western and they're like that one yeah now last thing we got uh charles woodson obviously had to get in there and ask a question coach this is your first pick in 1998 charles woodson them with open reiter alumni all of us just wanna know is there a notrade clause and your deal i mean it's like opening shanghai this whole thing is just tell nami other they're telling jokes these guys had a great time you're going to make me want to go home charles back the floor there is a notrade clause uh just brutal thorough their house with other is gonna work out the owners thursday the raiders will will win the super bowl but now aren't alone when we asked peter king about appear king was i think it a good higher and then he was not sure if he's going to last ten years like he's a he's grading over seven what do you feel like seven days little seven seven months not alone would seem like million seven years.

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