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Vin dot com America's best carbon well I'm a city we are going to have some gorgeous weather for the next couple of days this does not feel like storm season we're okay with it comfortable conditions the hive eighty one today that's about our normal high studies guys warm and nice of the light northeasterly wind tonight clear skies light winds and cool in the upper fifties tomorrow just as gorgeous highs near eighty sunny skies and a light northeasterly wind for the full one storm center I'm meteorologist Emily Sutton this report is sponsored by nature valley crunchy bars nature valley brings that satisfying crunch get your family going again with real delicious honey and wholegrain to get out here nature valley oats and honey crunchy box the original crunch do you have three ex wives in your current trophy wife wants a life insurance policy three times the size of the policies you had to purchase for your previous mistakes if so you need to call big Lou a term provider eight hundred four four four twenty thirteen Bigelow is intimately familiar with your problems and if you're fifty or sixty years old and in reasonably good health one million dollar policy should only cost about a hundred to two hundred dollars per month big blue may have a solution for your previous policies as well you may even save enough money to lighten the load on your new one million dollar policy remember called big Lou he's like you except he's only a number to call term provider at eight hundred four four four twenty thirteen that's eight hundred four four four twenty thirteen for a million dollars in term life insurance that you can live with called big blue at eight hundred four four four twenty thirteen eight hundred four four four twenty thirteen hi everybody first of Long government agriculture last week approved one point two billion dollars in contracts with farmers to families food box program program is designed to connect access meat dairy and produce on farms with families facing food insecurity funding far exceeds the one hundred billion per month apartment initially planned for the program due to high interest and needs program will purchase four hundred and sixty one million dollars in fresh fruits and vegetables three hundred and seventeen million in Derry two hundred and fifty eight million in meat and a hundred and seventy five million in the combination box of fresh produce dairy or meat products American farm bureau federation and feeding America the country's largest hunger relief organization sent a letter to the USDA requesting the approach to quickly and effectively get food from America's farms to the nation's food banks and others addressing food insecurity these initial contracts will distribute food from may the fifteenth through June the thirtieth this.

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