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On Tuesday, and will continue until the planned return to in person learning on June 5th. This homeless county health department says an employee infected with hepatitis a was working at a pair of taco bells this week. The restaurants are on Broadway on average and 91st avenue in northeastern Lake Stevens, the employee was in Everett on Monday and Tuesday, Lake Stevens Tuesday, the health department recommends you check your hepatitis a vaccine status if you ate at either of those restaurants on those days, symptoms of hep a include fever, fatigue, intestinal distress, and dark urine. The Washington state patrol is welcoming a new members into its ranks. 43 troopers graduated at the state capitol this week, the incoming class is the second most diverse class in the agency's history 57% being white 28% Hispanic, nearly 9% Asian and almost 5% black. The agency, however, is still short 139 troopers over all vacancies range between 202 150. That's northwest news radio's manda factor, Beverly police say they have seen a major increase in hangup calls, which can delay officers and getting to emergencies. Crime analysts crunch the numbers and discovered about 52% increase in 9 11 hang up calls and Everett when compared to this time last year, police say that it could be possibly because of accidentally placed calls officers say the problem is happening nationwide. You might not know the name of Don Bateman, but the Bellevue engineer who died last weekend saved more lives than anyone will ever know. Bateman invented GPW S ground proximity proximity warning system. System alerts pilots when they are too close to the ground or a mountain, it's now mandatory gear on every commercial plane in the U.S., Bateman was Boeing engineer who worked on the 7 O 7 before ending up at Honeywell. Seattle times reports he died of Parkinson's complications at the age of 91. T mobile's CEO believes there's a direct correlation between the absence of downtown tech workers and the rise in crime and Seattle. Speaking of the technology alliance annual state of technology luncheon, geek wire reports Mike sievert said both government than private sector workers need to be back in the office to revitalize the area. Seaver was a strong proponent of in person mentoring, T mobile, one of the first tech giants to order employees back to the office after COVID vaccines were made publicly available. Northwest news time now two ten. Check in sports and the streaking Mariners take on some dangerous pirates Bill Swartz as our bacon plumbing sports updates, Seattle wrote a terrific pitching start from Logan Gilbert to edge Oakland three two and complete a four game series sweet T mobile park. Logan gave up a two run Homer in the first inning, but used to change up to baffle the a's hitters through 8 innings. I mean, I've always been a fastball pitcher and aggressive and power picture, but, you know, and behind counts, I feel like hitters try to get to that a lot, and that's been kind of the story of my career, one of the faults. So it helps out a ton, especially in those counts that might be so predictable. The Mariners home stand continues at 7 ten tonight against the Pittsburgh pirates who started the season hot, but have cooled a bit. Tacoma dropped a slugfest to Las Vegas and the rainers host the aviators again tonight at Cheney stadium. A busy Friday evening in the emerald city. The storm have another WNBA game and climate pledge arena against the Dallas wings. At 7, the Washington husky softball team hosts Louisiana, game one of their NCAA super regional. Winner goes to the World Series. After three years, Arizona Cardinals cut receiver Deandre Hopkins, saving more than $18 million in cap space. Sports with Swartz at ten and 40 after the hour, northwest news radio. Northwest newstime two 11 big story yesterday, the leader of the oath keeper sentenced for his role in the attack on the U.S. capitol. We have a closer look today from ABC's Pierre Thomas. Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the oath keepers militia is headed to prison for nearly two decades. Federal judge called Stuart rose and ongoing threat apparel to the country, handing down the 18 year prison term for seditious conspiracy, the longest of any January 6th defendant. The judge imposed a lengthier sentence embracing terrorism enhancement charges for rose. Essentially concluding he was, in fact, an insurrectionist, foment revolution. That is what you did. It could have been a far uglier day. And people should not forget that. But Rhodes was defiant, calling himself a political prisoner, telling the judge, like president Trump my only crime was opposing those who are destroying our country. He never went into the capitol. He never assaulted anyone. He never destroyed any property. It was his words that led him to where he is and not his actions. Prosecutors said the evidence against rose was overwhelming, pointing to the video from November 2020, where rose predicted violence. We have been already stationed outside D.C. as a nuclear option

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