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From beyond twenty three feet nine inches is an incredible incredible skill but i'm _c_m a couple cats on a night in night out bases can that i mean i can do that on the move they can do that in transition so you know what i mean it's it's it's it's chocolate ice cream is for no lies current might be different but is still ice cream and everybody likes well it's also too was that how long comfortable isn't looking like after cooter every day i don't think this to uncomfortable no i don't think so now they got me you you know he could be lookalike flavor flight some come i have to do it don't talk to we got or giant hawks around inactive exactly time clots and then goofy i glasses yeah direct people from the fact that while flavors looked in like play flu you that you didn't have you see a light cow on _e_s_p_n last night know i'd i thought about it but been remind us offense college basket will minutes here at the at the station before in home did you see when it's new just took a self a what bill walton during the broadcast that was awesome but that was you've got a deal double jay yeah he doesn't do whatever you want from from beyond they'll be sitting yeah so what my body they pass to do the gave a ball no that's sort why had it not because they that made bill walton as old man he is a yard sale right now texas derrick all the two of them are fantastic how date does a great job of the but light is no it was just how to poke improperly it's like it's a five point game rounds like three minutes left and wall like in the middle of the broadcasts like i ace new you know like he's talking to only bennett that they to stop him take a photo there you know we both they pass like what the hell's going you can you don't do that you'll never be able or did go walton back into the mode of actually talking.

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