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CBS FM Shannon in the morning show, wrapping up another one of those twenty five minute commercial free coffee breaks and congratulations to a lady who just one one thousand dollars. Indeed that was Ruth from east meadow Long Island and another shot to win the grand coming up in the noon hour with Dan Taylor. And again in the four PM hour with Broadway Bill congratulations to Paul McCartney's new album Egypt station hits the billboard charts at number one his first number one album since nineteen eighty two. What is that about thirty six years? Bingo, you do your math lab. I think I hope I'm right? You are right. And that was his first ever to debut at number one in less, you count the Beatles albums there were like nineteen of those right? Nineteen went to number one nine of them went to number one the first week like this did. Wow. That was a little different thing back, then he's had eight number ones with wings and by himself. And of course, you throw in the Beatles. A whole slew of them. How lion airlines announced plans to launch the longest scheduled domestic route in US history next April. How about this? You can go from Boston to Honolulu and eleven hours and forty minutes. I don't like the be in the air, Dan long. No, I don't either that's a long time along the current longest US flight is a United Airlines route between Newark and Lulu that tapes, ten hours and fifty minutes. Unlike the take a break, maybe I stop in L A or San Francisco. Yeah. Like you get off and go get a cookie or something. That's what I'm talking about. I'm.

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