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He needs to be his team mate. He needs to be straw. Being thrown out. Second place in one race hasn't helped as well but he needs to comprehensively. Beat launched stroll or his credibility is our folsom world. Champion is well and truly truly gotten no along stroll. Who's he's proven now. He's decent driver with practice. But yeah someone who is got. The reputations of essien battle needs to be putting log stroll away comfortably over the course of a season which. He hasn't realistically done this year. So yeah he he needs to. He needs a big result. And i think mexico is places. Nasa showed a lot of promise you the but he needs that good result between now and the end of the season. But i just. I just can't see it coming in the way that martin's performing yeah it definitely seems the you know the ship. Is stephanie. still telling you. That's that's what blindster that's very. I can't remember his name. I can't remember what strongly older is called lawrence lawrence. That's what it is. I honestly join a blanco's just i'd no idea it's play out. I've got all kinds of comments. I can't say running through my head now we've got We've got the younger up next. I don't really know what to say about rayleigh You know cleaning going into a solid f. one drive but Tom side dish shouldn't be as close as he is. So i guess that's actually kind of a good signal meister. Yeah and it is a good thing. I mean it as tom mentioned. It's now developed into a driver. You know i think racing point could have done with this lob stroll maybe a couple of years ago Might have given them a best fighting john too especially in the constructors championship but yet i think he's work the equipment that he's go and is quite obviously wittman isn't particularly good. It hasn't been good sense to start the season They're will complaining. You know that the rules fight them. The most and we heard from lawrenson outbound. Sapna was just all these rules did made to. You know do this to us and do not to us and like If he done design your cough you know going to know what to do with it when the rules change so i think just compacted so by them..

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